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Reformed Characters - Unapologetically Alcohol Free Drinks

Meet the Reformed Characters, alcohol free distilled cocktails for healthy hedonists taking a break from booze. Reformed Characters drinks have naturally bold botanicals, low calorie and low sugar – all character, no compromise.This is a brand which actually cares about the reasons why so many people are cutting back on booze.


The botanical ingredients are delicately extracted and distilled through a unique process which retain essential flavour, top-notes and characteristics of each key ingredient. Inside each can you can find key ingredients such as juniper, hops, rosemary, lime, ginger, oak bark, black cardamom, hibiscus and angelica

Reformed Characters are low in sugar, no alcohol, and naturally bold in flavour


Naturally bold alcohol free cocktails with character. Meticulously crafted to offer the complexity and nuance of an alcoholic drink, but in an uncompromising alcohol free alternative 


Ticking all the right boxes when you take a break from booze. Made with distilled botanicals and natural ingredients, low calorie, low sugar, alcohol free, and nothing artificial.


We believe taking a break from booze should be all about the things you gain! Seize the day! Book that 7am yoga class without feeling like you are going to fall over and throw up. Wave goodbye to beer fear, hangxiety, blackout and Sunday scaries. 

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In 2019, founder Daniel Hinde did his first 'Dry January' and decided to continue not drinking for 3 months. He couldn't believe how quickly his mental health improved, he felt less stressed and anxious, slept better, managed my work better, began exercising again and generally just felt alive again. Alcohol free drinks became a life saver for him without having to throw my social life to the scrap heap – but the choices were few and far inbetween. He set out on a mission to create a bold and ballsy brand of alcohol free drinks – all character, no compromise. Throughout his taking a break from booze he had started calling himself a "Reformed Character" – the name immediately stuck in my head. So he set out on a mission to create a range of authentically alcohol free drinks.

Reformed Characters would like to partner with specialist food and drink retailers who have a passion for brands with a real story and craft based products.


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