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Saakshis Kitchen is an esteemed culinary venture that takes pride in delivering exceptional Indian cuisine experiences. With a commitment to authenticity and a passion for tantalising flavours, Saakshis has become synonymous with unforgettable dining moments.

Led by Saakshi, a talented homechef with deep roots in Delhi's culinary heritage, Saakshis offers a unique blend of traditional recipes and innovative culinary techniques. With a focus on handcrafted dishes made with love and attention to detail, Saakshi ensures that every plate reflects the true essence of Indian home gastronomy. 

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Drawing inspiration from her upbringing and experiences, Saakshi infuses her creations with the vibrant spices and aromatic ingredients that define Indian cuisine. Each dish tells a story, with a symphony of flavours that transport guests to the bustling streets and aromatic kitchens of India.

Saakshis strive to create memorable dining experiences that celebrate the diversity of Indian flavours. Their homemade Indian Food is all about serving home-cooked food using the family’s  traditional north Indian recipes and high-quality ingredients. They grind and blend their own spices, freshly hand marinate just the way we do back home in India. Same taste as we make back home. No more home sickness or craving anymore.

Saakshis Kitchen on alvio

Saakshis Kitchen are looking to partner with the following stores:

  • Quthentic Ethnic Focus, partners known for their commitment to authentic ethnic foods, ensuring that Saakshi's Kitchen maintains its reputation for genuine Indian cuisine.
  • Health-conscious and organic partners, brands dedicated to promoting healthy, organic food options, aligning with your goal of offering nutritious and delicious Indian cuisine.
  • Event-centric exposure: organisations with a strong focus on cultural events and experiences, providing platforms to showcase and sell Saakshi's Kitchen products
  • Gourmet Curators: businesses that curate high-quality food products, helping to elevate Saakshi’s Kitchen's brand to food enthusiasts and connoisseurs.
  • Complementary product offerings: Partners whose products or services naturally enhance your own, creating opportunities for joint promotions and curated experiences for customers.
  • Shared Audience Interests: Retailers and brands with customer bases that match your target audience, ensuring that your products resonate and sell well.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Collaborators who provide tools or platforms that can elevate the customer experience, making it easier for customers to explore and enjoy Indian cuisine.
  • Reputation and Trust in Quality: Partners with a strong reputation for quality and authenticity, reinforcing Saakshi’s Kitchen’s commitment to offering the best Indian food products.
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