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Dual Fuel Bottle - optimised dual fuelling for athletes 

Squeeasy is the brand behind a new and innovative dual fuel bottle. Optimised dual fuelling for athletes training or competing in endurance sport. 

Squeeasy has been developed by life-long competitive cyclists whose mission is to provide sports people with innovative products that not only look good but offer tangible performance benefits.


As competitive cyclists, they understand how athletes can suffer in races, how not being able to get a gel down at crucial moments has cost vital places. Given that all cyclists have a water bottle which is easily accessible, they challenged themselves to develop a gel-delivery system within a standard-sized bottle. Their product development went through many iterations, but they have come up with a unique patent-pending design that simply works and has been road tested by athletes in training and competition.


With the capacity for 1 to 2 gels and 430 - 490 ml of fluid per bottle, Squeeasy allows access to water or gel with a simple switch mechanism - specifically designed to be easy to use on the move. In the heat of competition, your energy needs are on tap, with no mess. Consume as much or as little gel, or water each time. 

A female cyclist refuelling using a Squeeasy bottle


The Squeeasy bottle has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of individual energy sports gel wrappers which can be accidentally dropped, and which use more packaging than gel sold in bulk. Squeeasy’s goal is to see the end of single portion gel packets by encouraging gel manufacturers to sell gels in bulk. The Squeeasy bottle is made with ​​food grade plastics, it is simple to clean meaning you can reuse it race after race. 


With your gel and water in one known place, you no longer have to search for gels in your pockets allowing you to stay focused and keep your head in the game leading to better control of your bike and body. Increased concentration on the task in hand can improve your performance.

Squeeasy are looking to partner with brands in the personal goods and general merchandise stores and those with a passion for sport, especially cycling. 

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