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Temple Cycles strive to be the best at what they do, and carve their own path in the cycling world. 

Their highly skilled team of master bike builders are the backbone of Temple. Building bikes to incredibly exacting standards using only the highest quality components, ensures the longevity and sustainability of our products.


Temple Cycles focus their skills on making 5 bikes; The Classic, Adventure Disk, Step Through, Metro and Electric. 

Temple Cycles charcoal bike with orange handle bar and saddle bags


We believe a product should last a lifetime. But at Temple they go further and make bikes that are easy to fix and maintain, with spares readily available..... a fundamentally different approach to other bike companies.


Everything Temple does involves producing bikes and products in a sustainable way, from the materials used, the suppliers they work with and the processes they adopt.


Temple Cycles was started by Matt while he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol. Growing up, he was transfixed by the joys of all things two-wheeled, and spent countless weekends out and about in the Somerset countryside, riding all sorts of bikes in a variety of ways. Along the way, he developed his skills and understanding of these majestic machines.

In 2012, he started a classic bicycle restoration business, working with vintages from the 60’s through to the 80’s. He built a love for the timeless qualities of these bikes, and their hardy yet elegant nature. In 2014 he realised the potential for creating something from scratch. He set off to design the perfect bike, combining what he loves about vintage bikes, with the advances in materials, manufacturing and technology that have since filtered into the bike world.

By early 2015, after an intensive design and prototyping phase, Temple was ready to launch its first two models. These were the Classic and Step Through Lightweights, which we still produce. To build awareness of Temple, he travelled the country far and wide, setting up pop-up shops, meeting hundreds of people and taking dozens of orders before returning to his workshop in Somerset to build them.

At the end of the year, it was clear that he needed a bigger space. The workshop moved to Bristol and that is where they remain today. Since then, they have expanded their lineup, grown their team, and now sell bikes internationally. Temple Cycles have built a reputation for exceptional products and outstanding service, yet nothing makes them prouder than seeing our bikes out in the wild.

Temple Cycles workshop


You can probably guess, Temple Cycles think bikes are great. They want more journeys to be taken by bike, more fun to be had on bikes, and lives to be enriched and improved by cycling.

Temple Cycles are looking to partner with brands who share their passion for all things cycling.

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