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Sports nutrition brands that make natural products using real food and no chemicals.

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The Ultra Box brings you the finest natural sports nutrition products to help you push beyond your boundaries. 

As an Ultra Runner, founder Luke Baddeley believes in pushing beyond boundaries, and as a qualified sports nutritionist he believes putting the right fuel in your body is vital. With both those points in mind, The Ultra Box was born…

When looking for fuel for his running adventures Luke realised that the market is saturated with products that are full of artificial ingredients and chemicals so he decided that he wanted to create a company that sought out the brands making sports nutrition products from real food.

Founder Luke, and Ultra runner, created The Ultra Box to push people beyond their boundaries

They say variety is the spice of life and long distance events are essentially eating contests, so keeping things interesting is super important to him when out and about. He wanted to offer people a choice so they can find out what they like and what works for them.  There are some great companies out there making some excellent products and with The Ultra Box customers have them delivered to their door every month. 

Luke wanted to create a space where people could try lots of different products, get good value for money, and tap into a wider offering such as nutrition plans and training schedules, which is why subscribers to The Ultra Box become members of their community. The members area offers access to everything needed to push yourself beyond boundaries.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved and see what you're really capable of.


Get ready to be delighted every month with The Ultra Box subscription box service. Explore new products and enjoy exclusive deals. The Ultra Box contains a minimum of 18 products including energy gels, energy bars, protein products and hydration drinks. The perfect way to try a range of natural products without committing to bulk purchase. 

The Ultra Box, sports nutrition made from real ingredients on Alvio, the ecom partner platform


When you subscribe to The Ultra Box monthly subscription, you become a member of The Ultra Club, a thriving community of like minded athletes. It’s also home to training plans, nutritional information, diet plans and fuelling advice. 


If pre-picked subscription boxes aren’t your thing, then you can build your own box by picking your own products . Choose from an extensive range of awesome products and personalise your shopping experience. 


The Ultra Box wants to partner with high quality sports nutritional products made from only real ingredients and no chemicals - if that’s your thing then get in touch. 

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