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UNLTD Beer - Award-winning 0.5% Craft Beer

UNLTD. is an award-winning 0.5% craft beer company. Progressively brewed with hops specially selected for flavour, UNLTD. beers harness all the character whilst staying refreshingly sessionable at 0.5% abv. While elevated extras like B vitamins and low calories make it a beer that feeds your lifestyle.

The NoLo category is already performing well, having seen huge growth in recent years and is expected to be worth £450m by 2024. In the last year alone, NoLo Beer sales have grown over 180%.


Way back when in the summer of 2019, founders Johnny and Antonia Johnson decided, after some raucous wedding celebrations, to ditch the booze in favour of a healthier lifestyle. The next 3 months were life changing - they were sleeping better, arguing less, and seemed to have gained hours in the day too. Was it possible that this was it? A New Age Lifestyle?  Johnny started to truly miss those cold refreshing beers after a long day and went in search of something that would satisfy his cravings. Nothing. He couldn’t find a single beer that suited our new evolving lifestyle. As a direct result of that fruitless quest, they set about a plan. A plan to bring great tasting, low alcohol beer to the masses. A plan to create something we’d be proud to be seen drinking. A plan to help others that were striving for self-betterment. And in June 2020, UNLTD. was born. Low in calories, rich in vitamins and unlimited in possibility our beer provides those little wins that take you further.  UNLTD. today. UNSTOPPABLE tomorrow

Founders Johnny & Antonia with their beer brand UNLTD on Alvio



Progressively brewed to be low on alcohol and high on taste. With aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, deep and complex malt flavours and a perfectly balanced bitter backbone. Only 13 calories, vegan, gluten and sugar free, with B vitamins. Ale is experiencing the greatest sales growth in NoLo beers with an increase of over 36%

UNLTD. Lager

Crisp, characterful and refreshingly sessionable. With light citrus aromas, a hint of honey and caramel, rounded off with a subtly bitter finish. Only 23 calories, vegan, gluten and sugar free, with B vitamins. 

UNLTD. Beer, low calorie and celiac friendly


Award Winning Taste - Taste is the most important driver of choice in this category. With a combined total of 15 industry awards, it’s safe to say UNLTD. is a superior quaffable beer. These accolades include; Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food, Highest scored NoLo beer in the IWSC awards, and Best Beer Brand Design from the World Beer Awards . 

Elevated Extras -  4.7% of adults are reducing their alcohol intake for health reasons. UNLTD. beers have elevated extras like low calories and B vitamins which feed a healthier lifestyle. 

Premiumisation - Quality perfection through ingredients and packaging is one of the main drivers for consumers when choosing NoLo beer. 

Sustainably Brewed - UNLTD. is proudly brewing their beers at a carbon neutral brewery in West Sussex. Using locally sourced ingredients, UNLTD. Are committed to reconditioning wastewater and recycling waste products in their solar powered brewery. They also have the world's first beer sourced heat pump.

UNLTD. Are looking to partner with retailers hoping to expand their product offering to include a premium, low calorie, celiac friendly beer in their store. 


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