Many thanks for becoming part of our network and your enthusiasm to help promote better B2B Partnerships. Please find an overview of how to sell the Alvio B2B Platform into your clients. Additional brand resources are linked at the base of the page.


Currently, B2B relationships between independant online business is inefficent, time consuming, risky and costly to achieve.

Whether it is from fragmented data across multiple platforms, to handling payments to creating a workable data integration between business. Many potential oppertunities for growth and efficency remain locked out of reach.

The Alvio B2B Platform makes it simple to both find, connect and manage B2B Relationships between independent businesses.

Signing up to the platform is simple and free. Our simple click-to-connect app removes the need for any developers or techies.

Once a store is connected and synced with the platform, Alvio allows products to be shared or received from any other member on the network.

Creating a partnership is as simple as a few clicks via our AlvioConnect functionality.

Once the partnership is established The Alvio B2B Platform makes it super simple to control products, prices & margins, delivery costs and stock between partners. Alvio takes care of syncing all orders and data automatically.

In simple terms it means a sunglasses shop can partner up with a swimwear shop in a matter of minutes. Display and sell each other's stock from their own storefronts.

Allowing them to both fullfill any orders received in each store to each other's customers without any of the traditional friction, cost and complexity.

What is the Alvio B2B Platform?

A growing & active community of brands, store owners, retailers and partners actively working together or signaling that they are open to business partnership. Store owners can sign up to the platform for free in under 5 minutes.

Your store can be connected to the platform in a few clicks. You can then initiate a connection with another store on the Alvio B2B Platform in under 5 minutes. The platform's simple “code free”  interface makes partnership management a breeze.

The Alvio B2B Platform creates a standardised connection between independent eCommerce websites. Making it simple and hassle free for online businesses to share products and sync order data with each other.

Example Use Cases

The Terrace is a business that creates print on demand products for football fans. Via an Alvio connection from the Terrace Shopify Store to Nottingham Forest's Shopify Store, Nottingham Forest fans are able to purchase fan merchandise from The Terrace directly in Nottingham Forest's store. The Terrace then receives the order and sends the product directly to the customer.

Advantages For the Terrace

• Agile & efficient product distribution directly into club store fronts, resulting in better conversion.

• Simplified payments and commercial relationships

Advantages For Nottingham Forest

• Quickly and reactivey add new lines to the fan store without the hassle of ordering stock in advance, reducing capital outlay and risk.

• Remain in control of the customer relationship

The Advantages

1. Enables businesses to partner in mutually beneficial & cost effective ways. 

2. Makes it simple to build & manage partnerships with multiple entities.

3. Simplifies cross platform partnerships (Shopify, WooC with more to come).

4. With scale, it will help balance supply & demand between connected businesses.

5. Develops a robust, decentralized B2B network of trusted entities.

6. Creates opportunity & value for both new & existing members with each new sign up.

7. Very low impact installation. Businesses can be up and running hours not days.

8. Free promotion in a fast growing network of businesses looking to work together.

9. Reduces product miles traveled by avoiding inefficient movement of stock.

10. Exclusive access to our Guild chat where you can direct message potential partners.

Low risk, low cost partnerships allow for quick agile decisions on collaborations. 

Take your existing products, processes & set up and scale quickly and easily.

Set up brand collaborations quickly. Try out new ideas risk free with new partners.  

Strategic dropship relationships at scale that are simple to manage.

Partner with others to increase your product range quickly & risk free.

Share audience crossover?  Partner quickly & increase your distribution risk free.

Sell more products and increase average order value.

Makeone store a point of truth so you can scale across storefronts & platforms.

What is our goal with the Alvio B2B Platform?

From this one concept it creates the following broader goals.

Arm business to maintain ownership & control over their operations

Create economies of scale through connection & networking

Increase meaningful business opportunity & economic activity

Create resilient business networks

Encourage efficient supply and demand mechanics

Create a go to standard for store to store collaboration i.e. “Just Alvio it”

Add network effects to your current store operations

What platforms do we support


* Receive orders only

Big Commerce
Platform API

How does a store get involved?

Create an account with The Alvio B2B Platform

Install the app within your store 

Provide business information to be featured in the Alvio Network catalogue

Take a look through our Members list to see if anyone is of interest

You may have another partner in mind who you wish to bring to the network. We can help get them onboarded

We offer all Platform members exclusive access to our Guild channel. Here Alvio Platform Members can introduce themselves chat directly with other members to  establish partnership opportunities

Create the connection between the required stores following the instructions on the Alvio Platform

Depending on whether you are receiving or sharing data, you need to set up the rules for each specific partnership, this can include the following

what products/variants are shared

what the cost price is

how stock is allocated 

how shipping is charged

What’s in it...

By introducing new stores and creating successful partnerships on The Alvio B2B Platform, you will be able to benefit in the following ways.

1. Add value to your existing client base 

2. Encourage additional economic activity within your 3PL network of connected stores.

3. A 10% Lifetime Commision. For any active partnership you create, 10% of the economic activity generated between them will be paid to you as commissions

By introducing new stores to The Alvio B2B Platform and creating successful partnerships, you are helping us to build value around our business community and B2B Platform.

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