Organic Hibiscus and Mint Tea

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  • Our Personal Blend For Home!
  • ORGANIC CERTIFIED - soil association certified organic Hibiscus and Mint Tea Bags
  • BIODEGRADABLE FILTER BAG - tea bags made from plant starch
  • PLASTIC-FREE PRODUCT - outer packaging made from 100% paper
  • CAFFEINE-FREE - naturally caffeine free
  • DELICIOUS TASTE - We Use The Tart Hibiscus Profile As The Base of This Blend and build on it with peppermint and sweeten with stevia.

 This organic hibiscus, mint and stevia infusion is probably the most balanced and rounded herbal tea we've developed.

Made using the finest quality hibiscus tea flowers, Peppermint leaves and stevia; they complement each other to a tee (sorry for the pun!).

The Hibiscus Aroma

Upon opening the packet, you are greeted with an abundance of floral aromas; upon drinking the mint tea is noticed first, a split second later the aromatic and tart hibiscus flower bursts on the scene intriguing the palate. Lastly, the stevia leaf balances and 'rounds off' the overall taste.

Steeping The Tea

Upon meeting freshly boiled water, the Peppermint tea leaves immediately turn the brew golden yellow, shortly followed by the hibiscus flowers that disperse their deep red colouration into the water, the red, almost purple from the hibiscus flowers then dominate the appearance of the tea.

Hibiscus and Mint Tea To The Taste

Upon drinking you immediately feel the presence of the peppermint tea, when correctly steeped (for 5-6 minutes) can almost be as strong as menthol vapour.

As soon as your palate recognises Peppermint the saliva glands start dancing as the tart hibiscus tea notes come through; as fast as the mouth adapts to the extreme sensations from the hibiscus flowers, it's quickly soothed by the natural sweetness of the Stevia.

It is culminating in a balanced and vibrant taste sensation if we do say so ourselves!

You will be left eagerly anticipating your next sip... Enjoy!

  • Organic Hibiscus flowers, Organic Peppermint and Organic Stevia Leaf
  • Compostable pyramid tea bag made using plant starch
Suggested Use
How to make the perfect cup of herbal tea:
  1. Bring freshly filtered water to a rolling boil
  2. Pour boiling water over the herbs and cover the cup or close the pot lid
  3. Allow steeping for at least 3 minutes or until the preferred strength is achieved
  4. Relax and enjoy!
Nutrition per 100ml:
  1. 2 Kcal
  2. 0g Sugar
  3. 0g Fat
  4. trace carbohydrate

Size: 50 Bags

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