Back And Body Fake Tanning Mitt

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This hassle-free fake tanning mitt is a must-have that will allow you to fake tan your whole back and body in one, allowing you to halve your tanning time, without having to ask somebody else for help!

With two mitt ends and a middle section, you’ll easily access those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a gorgeously even tan that looks professionally applied.

Ditch your outdated or regularly replaced fake tanning gloves because inside each of our luxury tanning mitts is a protective film to keep your hands stain-free. Further more, our fake tanning mitts are made from luxurious velour for optimum skin comfort and washable so that you can use it time after time.

This back & body fake tanning mitt can be used with your tanning product of choice – and is completely compatible with any of the Bronzie fake tanning oil, fake tan mousse, or gradual fake tan. Similarly, our fake tanning mitts will allow you to fake tan using any other gel, spray or cream.

Try Bronzie’s fake tanning mitt for your back and body today… we’ve got your back! We really do believe this is the best fake tanning mitt available in the world - we've sold thousands of them, and the feedback is always incredible! Try for yourself and see what the fuss is all about... You won't find a back tanning applicator this good anywhere else.

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