Vitamin D3

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  • Patented MyCell Technology delivering up to 99% bioavailability
  • Resistant to stomach acids and intestinal enzymes
  • Enhanced pharmacological activity, with specific targeting for faster relief
  • Required for the maintenance of normal bones and muscles
  • Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
  • Swiss made
  • 50-day supply
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Free from nuts, fish and wheat

How will Vitamin D3 help me?

Vitamin D is also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’ you would have to have been living in a cave to have not heard about some of the benefits of supplementing with this vitamin.

Deficiency is common in Northern Europe. The greatest factor causing low vitamin D is lack of sun exposure. Between October and April, it is almost impossible for our bodies to make vitamin D in the UK and our awareness of the dangers of UVB radiation means a lot of us cover up or wear sunscreen, and very few foods have enough vitamin D to meet our requirements. Since vitamin D is stored in fat cells, the bigger your body the more you need, as you add mass be sure to get your levels checked regularly.

The functions of Vitamin D in the endocrine system are the most studied, and works by increasing intestinal absorption of calcium making it essential for bone growth, density, and remodelling. The second mechanism of action of Vitamin D involves the autocrine pathway, although less well known this pathway is essential for many key metabolic processes, including hormone protein synthesis, immune/inflammatory response, and cell synthesis.

Why are these different to my usual supplements?

These products are formulated using unique and patented MyCell™ Technology developed after years of intensive research by our Swiss partner company. The micellisation process involved means that the products' active ingredients offer a bioavailability of up to 100%.

What are Micelles?

Micelles are the body's mechanism to absorb oil-based substances. However, the natural formation of micelles within the body is insufficient to support the body's daily needs. Stabilised MyCell™ Technology is the science being able to take oil-based substances, which are found in most supplements, and then make them water-soluble.

Optimal Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the measure of how much of an active ingredient is absorbed by the body. Supplements formulated with high bioavailability are more effective as they help the body absorb more of the active ingredient so that you can take the product in lower doses.