Waterford Estate Wines Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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Waterford Estate Wines

Pecan Stream Sauvignon  Blanc 2019

 Waterford Wines is situated south of Stellenbosch on the base of the Helderberg mountain. They are a signatory of the Porto Protocol whose members have committed to make a greater contribution to mitigating climate change.

 So they pick grapes from 2 different vineyards - Elgin where the effect of the drought is less and Stellenbosch - and blend these to balance the characters of both areas. It results in a softer Sauvignon Bland that gives you flavours of granadilla, pear and guava. When reading the tasting notes there are many mentions of fresh-cut grass, so you can be assured it will be a great refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. 

Tim Atkins recently rated Waterford as one of South Africa's first growth wineries in 2019 -  so always keen to have one of these in reserve.