At Alvio we are building a platform to make direct ecommerce partnerships as simple as a friend request. Learn how our platform alongside our community of brands, suppliers and retailers can help you enable commercial partnerships that cut through the noise and create more efficient and focused growth strategies for your business.

The Importance of Contextual Digital Communities

In recent years, digital communities have grown exponentially in both size and influence. Traditionally, online communities have been based around common interests, hobbies or geographical locations. 

However, as the internet has become increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives, new types of digital communities and platforms are creating opportunities and flourishing. 

These communities are generally aligned around a shared context, be that a common interest or problems they are trying to solve.

It means that valuable information is being exchanged between aligned groups and increases the chances that win/win partnerships can be formed.

Alvio's B2B Platform can be a powerful way to unlock and formalise these potential partnerships quickly and easily. Helping to overcome the traditional friction around featuring and selling each other's products via a dropship model.

As digital communities continue to grow and evolve, they are becoming an increasingly powerful force for driving change and achieving results. Commercial opportunities are also opening up as businesses recognise the potential of online communities to reach new audiences and to promote their products and services. 

In the coming years, digital retail and commerce communities are likely to play an even more significant role as we move to a more decentralised, interoperable and socially based internet.

Digital Communities

Unleashing the commercial opportunities of communities

Digital communities offer a wealth of commercial opportunities for businesses of all sizes. The Alvio network is building a community of businesses, from a wide variety of sectors, who are actively seeking collaborations and partnerships. This enables businesses to take the guesswork out of relationship building in the traditional commerce sense. As part of the Alvio Network, it’s possible for businesses to find the right partners quickly and conveniently. 

By engaging with customers and prospects in a relevant and meaningful way, businesses can create long-term relationships that result in repeat business and referrals. The commercial opportunities afforded by digital communities are vast, and businesses that fail to capitalise on them are missing out on a huge opportunity for long term sustainable growth.

Privacy means Data is becoming more contextual

As privacy concerns have grown, the effectiveness of third-party data has diminished. Customers are much less likely to engage with businesses that they do not have a relationship with, and spamming them with irrelevant offers is only going to damage that relationship. 

Contextual communities are a much more effective way of reaching potential customers, as they provide a space for businesses to engage in relevant and meaningful conversations. The Alvio Network platform allows you to create and manage contextually based B2b relationships on a partnership by partnership basis. By building online relationships in this way, businesses can tap into new markets and create sustainable growth opportunities that avoid the cost, noise and waste associated with more traditional Digital Marketing approaches.

Creating trusted, licensed product networks through digital Communities

In conjunction with Prove Anything, we are able to provide product authentication across our B2B platform by providing Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings and Blockchain Product Authentication At Point Of Sale (POS).

This functionality allows trusted business on the Alvio B2B Network to encode the origin and validity of their products to the blockchain at the click of a button. From here they can then easily distribute them to other authenticated partners on the Alvio network for onward sale.

This unlocks the opportunity to sell rare one offs, collectables or authenticated official products throughout the network. Consumers of those stores can then quickly verify the authenticity of the product they are buying at point of purchase.

Digital Communities

Just Alvio It!

We are creating a platform that standardises how online businesses are able to develop and establish relationships. We have recently developed a WooCommerce integration that can be easily added to a WooCommerce site and enables these stores to partner via the Alvio platform in a dropship model with other WooCommerce stores and even cross platform to suppliers that are using Shopify. With platform connectors for EKM, Big Commerce, Magento and our own API all in the pipeline. When it comes to direct B2B partnerships you will soon be able to just "Alvio it".

Summing Up

With traditional digital marketing becoming increasingly costly, noisy and competitive, building a solid community that fosters direct relationships is becoming an increasingly important channel for growth. 

As a member of the Alvio network, these kinds of commercial partnerships are conveniently and easily established for multiple types of business selling both physical or digital products; with the  added bonus of being able to offer Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings and Blockchain Product Authentication At Point Of Sale (POS).


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