Last week saw the latest London gathering of the eCom Collab Club – and Alvio’s Luke Green and Ian Rabbidge were there to take it all in. 

Here’s our report.

Alvio at the Ecom Collab Club

eCom Collab Club London – November 2023

The big idea behind the eCom Collab Club, is to bring together ecommerce agencies and tech providers from right across the spectrum, for a relaxed and informal event full of networking, ideas generation… and fun!

eCom Collab Club was created as an antidote to Covid-era webinars, and networking via livestreams. It was a rallying call to get back into face-to-face interactions, real, live networking, and it’s been a massive hit.

Since the London eCom Collab Club started, it’s had more than 2,000 registrants – and now it's spreading, with eCom Collab Club events in Manchester and Bristol scheduled for 2024 as well.

Alvio at the Ecom Collab Club

Here at Alvio, we’re proud sponsors of the eCom Collab Club, which has become one of the ‘must attend’ events in the ecommerce and tech calendar. And the future of the event is looking bright! 

From January 2024 onwards, eCom Collab Club London will:

  • Take place every month
  • Feature a panel of expert guest speakers
  • Include the “Founder Fryer” grill session, and a “Fireside Chat” Q&A

eCom Collab Club London – in Numbers

  • 2,000+ registrants
  • 118 event sign-ups on average
  • Average attendance of 68
  • Average of 6 deals per event due to sponsorship

The eCom Collab Club was created by Adam Pearce and Peter Gardner, the “Hairy Bikers of eCommerce,” and co-founders of Flame. Starting in 2022, they have been hosting the Flamenco Awards (Flame n’ Co.get it?), and at this year’s eCom Collab Club, we were thrilled to see Alvio pick up the award for “Best New eCommerce Tech/App.”

Alvio at the Ecom Collab Club

Alvio’s Ian Rabbidge was nominated for “Networker of the Year,” too – though he just missed out, to some very stiff competition from Rose Steward of Quickfire Digital.

2023 FlameNCo Award Winners

We’ve already talked about that award on LinkedIn. Today, we want to focus on another part of the eCom Collab Club event. 

During the “Fireside Chat” segment, different industry experts are invited to join Adam Pearce on the stage, for a relaxed and informal Q&A that tackles some of the biggest common questions about the industry and partnerships. And this month, it was Alvio’s turn to take the hot seat.

Here’s how it all went down.

Alvio’s “Fireside Chat” Q&A

The whole purpose of eCom Collab Club, is it brings out lots of reasons Why you should collaborate.

Alvio then, is where the rubber hits the road. Alvio is the How.

- Ian Rabbidge

Alvio at the Ecom Collab Club

Alvio's Ian and Luke took to the stage with Adam during the Fireside Chat segment of this month's eCom Collab Club.

The conversation covered every dimension of the Alvio approach to partnerships. Ian and Luke talked about their best tactics for using partnerships to boost sales – from emphasising lateral thinking, to building collaboration-friendly business models. They talked about the massive growth of Shopify, the importance of networks, and social media... and the secret to always building in mutual value propositions.

Check out the full Alvio Fireside Chat below.

Highlights of the eCom Collab Club

What a day. We had an absolute blast at this latest eCom Collab Club, and we want to thank Adam and Pete from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful gathering they’ve managed to put together. We also want to thank all the award winners, and runners-up, and everyone who came together from across this wide and diverse ecommerce community, to make the event so special.

And we look forward to welcoming Nathan Lomax in future – who'll be taking over as Adam's co-host in 2024, with Pete moving on to Australia.

We leave you here with some closing thoughts from our own Ian Rabbidge:

The eCom Collab Club was born out of the ashes of Covid. Adam and Pete created it as a way to get tech companies and digital agencies meeting in person again, and talking about the industry. And maybe also, to cry on each other’s shoulders, to pat each other on the backs… whatever helped! It’s a framework for those in the industry to come together on a regular basis and share what they’re up to.

I probably attended the third or fourth eCom Collab Club, and since then I've been to almost every event they've done. So I guess that makes me an early adopter!

Some great business relationships have been created through the eCom Collab Club… but perhaps more importantly, on a human level, some great friendships have been formed here too.

It's a credit to Adam and Pete: They’ve managed to build this warm, light-hearted and welcoming space, which has allowed some very natural and meaningful relationships to be formed.

Alvio at the Ecom Collab Club

All photos courtesy of eCom Collab Club.


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