Today we are thrilled to announce that Alvio has integrated with Jonas Sports Retail. 

Jonas Sports offers an omni-channel solution for sports club retail teams, building powerful connections between clubs and their fans. 

And now, the Jonas Sports platform will have Alvio under the hood – allowing seamless integration between clubs and suppliers on the Alvio model.

Partner with Alvio and Jonas Sports Retail

How Does the Alvio Model Work?

At Alvio we believe in moving data, not products. Our platform makes it easy for clubs and suppliers to partner up to boost sales, while minimising product mileage. 

Using Alvio, you can add your partners’ products directly to your own club shop, with no code and no fuss. When items are sold, the orders are fulfilled by your suppliers. 

The result is an increase to sales, without you ever having to handle the stock!

The Power of Alvio x Jonas Sports Retail

Combining Jonas Sports Retail with Alvio will allow you to directly connect your club shop with your partners. You will be able to:

  • Import your product listings straight into your club shop
  • Expand your range at zero investment or risk, as your partner ships all orders
  • Track everything, with automatic syncing of inventory and fulfilment data

The outcome?

More profit and less risk. Alvio users have enjoyed benefits such as a 25% increase in basket values, zero expenditure on stock, zero warehouse inventory, and zero risk of either overstocking or understocking products.

Greater fan engagement. Give your fans the authentic experience they crave. Greater product diversity and cultural relevance, all on your club shop, builds better engagement – and better conversion rates.

Top Sporting Brands on Alvio

The Alvio network features more than 3,000 individual product lines, and it’s always growing. Alvio is already used by a number of exciting brands that are ready to partner with clubs, including Art of Football, Foudys, and MattB Customs.

Art of Football

ART OF FOOTBALL is an ambitious sporting merch and lifestyle brand. They've spent the last decade serving international fans with their distinctive designs and unique products. Partnered with your club through Alvio, Art of Football will give you access to all the outstanding sports merchandise that has made them one of the fastest growing brands in football.

Art of Football – ready for partnerships through Alvio x Jonas Sports Retail


FOUDYS are football fanatics, dedicated to the women's game. Their sportswear is designed to empower female footballers, with power and grace – it's all about breaking barriers. Partner with this pioneering and inclusive community for women's football gear, and sportswear for all fans of women's football.

Foudy – ready for partnerships through Alvio x Jonas Sports Retail

MattB Customs

MATTB CUSTOMS specialise in custom footwear. This experienced team has already built a loyal following with their unique streetwear, and now they're ready to take their trainers to the clubs. Work with MattB Customs on your very own trainer designs, and they will supply the stock to scale – no matter how many legions of fans you’re kitting out.

MattB Customs – ready for partnerships through Alvio x Jonas Sports Retail

Alvio Has You Covered

The beauty of the Alvio model is that it leaves clubs free to focus on building their brand. Alvio handles the back-of-house integration, while your suppliers handle order fulfillments. Alvio even takes care of GDPR and data protection too! The result is a no-stress, no-fuss solution to growing your store, and growing your sales.

The Future of Online Sports Retail

Alvio + Jonas Sports Retail is a team-up that could revolutionise sports club merchandise partnerships. And it keeps getting better – as we will be bringing the extended feature set of Alvio to the Jonas Sports platform. Alvio is always growing, always innovating, and now we're sharing our tools with the sporting world.

If you're involved in your club's ecommerce operations, this could be the game-changer you were waiting for.

Jonas Sports Retail have grown their partner programme significantly this year, and it now forms a major part of their product strategy. General Manager Sam Nixon says:

“We are delighted to welcome Alvio to our partner programme and I am sure our customers will benefit from their integration and offering.”

Meanwhile, Alvio Commercial Director Ian Rabbidge is “excited to expand the Alvio network to include the renowned teams working with Jonas Sports Retail. Alvio will make life much easier for the ecommerce managers at sports clubs – by revolutionising how their merchandise partnerships work.”

Join Us

Be a part of our exciting new team-up with Jonas Sports Retail. 

Book a demo right now, or learn more about our work with Jonas Sports.

Any questions? Just drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to discuss how Alvio can help to supercharge your online sales.

Partner with Alvio and Jonas Sports Retail

Alvio: Frequently Asked Questions

In the last few days we've had an overwhelming positive response to our announcement about integrating with the Jonas Sports Retail platform! Thank you to everyone who got in touch, your enthusiasm has sparked some fantastic discussions.

Alvio co-founder Mike Harding answers some of the most frequently asked questions in this video.


Q: What does it cost?
For clubs joining our platform, it's absolutely FREE! For suppliers integrating with clubs, check out our website for our low standard fees, delivering an average ROI of over 1000%.

Q: How easy is it to set up, and how quickly can we get started?
Setting up with Alvio is unbelievably quick and easy! Connecting a club shop takes less than a minute, no developers required. If you can copy and paste values, you're more than qualified. 😄 Importing products is fas. We have a 1:30-minute video in real time showing the connection of a club store and creating a connection with a supplier including importing products!

Q: Do you offer guidance and support?
We will hand hold you through the entire process and can do this on a video call taking less than an hour!

Q: Can we migrate existing relationships to Alvio?
Absolutely! Suppliers can onboard and get set up with Alvio in less than an hour, before connecting to you in seconds. Importing products to your store is just a click away.

Q: What does Alvio automate?
Everything! We handle product listings, sync order information automatically, and update fulfilment statuses on your shop, running your relationships on autopilot.

Q: Can I be set up before the Christmas peak gifting period?
Absolutely! Fast and simple onboarding means you'll be ready to maximise returns, boost sales, and reduce workloads during the holiday rush.

Q: What about GDPR and customer data protection?
We're fully GDPR compliant! Alvio does not store any consumer data on our servers. More details can be found on our website.

Q: What's the contract length?
Absolutely none! Operating as a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, there's no minimum commitment. Just like working with other platforms, everything is covered by our terms of service.

Q: How do I sign up?
Visit our website here, fill out the form, select the Jonas Retail onboarding track, and you can be signed up in less than 5 minutes!

Q: Do you have information I can share with my colleagues?
Start with our landing page here. Share this link with your colleagues to get them in the loop!

For any further questions, whether you're a club or supplier, we're here to help! Feel free to book a demo, or reach out either by email or LinkedIn. Let's elevate your retail experience together! 🚀🛍️


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