More of the retail world is moving online every day. A few years ago, the thought of buying second-hand cars on your phone would have seemed ludicrous, but now it’s almost commonplace.

No matter what the size or value of your product, you can achieve more by selling it online. However, moving bulky, high-value products can create additional costs and risks in your supply chain that need to be managed.

With Alvio, you can reduce that cost and risk by creating direct dropshipping partnerships with your retailers.

Alvio makes it simple to set up and receive orders from a network of retail sites so you can fulfil them directly to the end consumer. By making use of your existing shipping setup, your business reduces product movement, decreases your environmental impact and, crucially, saves costs.

With Alvio, you can create more efficient, appealing product partnerships for your retailers and last-mile supply chains. 

A Modern Solution to Selling Bulky Products Online

The online retail landscape rewards businesses that are agile and adaptable, able to take opportunities and negate risks. Alvio offers the perfect solution for high-value and bulky product retailers in this regard. Alvio also allows full traceability of both the supplier and seller order numbers, helping to make customer service and returns easy to manage between two partners.

Alvio removes common barriers for retailers adopting high-value and bulky products such as:

  • The financial commitment required by retailers to purchase products.
  • The cost and logistics of transporting and stocking high-value bulky products in a retailer’s inventory.

Alvio’s retail partnerships remove these barriers quickly and easily.

Collaborative commerce allows you to offer your high value, bulky products to retailers through a modern dropshipping model. This method allows retailers to offer your products to their customers virtually risk-free.

Building retailer networks with Alvio makes it more appealing than ever for websites to adopt your high-value products. Through Alvio, you can create equitable partnerships with financial and environmental advantages for all parties.

How Alvio Makes Dropshipping Easy

Alvio offers a unique, modern solution that makes creating retailer networks and brand partnerships easier than ever before.

Our integrated application takes care of all the complex data associated with a seamless retailer network, such as:

  • Syncing product information across websites
  • Updating stock quantities and product prices
  • Processing order information and fulfilment statuses

Everything on Alvio happens in real-time. There’s no need for complex spreadsheets or third-party developers – everything is handled by the app.

Alvio is designed to be simple to set up and manage. Once you're connected, your products can be live in retailers' stores in just a few minutes.

You can even get retailers to try new product ranges in this way and then switch to a more traditional wholesale arrangement once the product is proven.

Alvio is a truly modern solution to the modern retail landscape. Many collaborative commerce partnerships have been formed through Alvio already, and if you would like to join them, why not get in touch to discuss what Alvio can achieve for you?
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