“Technology is no longer an industry; it is a layer transforming every sector.”
– John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems.

Technology moves fast. If ecommerce businesses are to survive in the modern climate, let alone thrive, then it is essential to keep up with the evolving tools. New apps can change the way we interact, work, and conduct business… They can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new avenues for growth.

Today we want to take a look at 10 apps in particular, which we believe have the potential to make a significant impact on the world of ecommerce.

Ten Apps That Are Revolutionising Ecommerce – by Alvio

Introducing Our Top Ecommerce Apps

1. Shiptheory – shiptheory.com

A little while ago we shared our thoughts on the challenges faced by supply chains in 2023 – and we touted Shiptheory as the perfect antidote to those troubles. Shiptheory simplifies the process by automating shipping workflows. It integrates with various ecommerce platforms and shipping carriers, allowing businesses to streamline everything – reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency. With features such as order syncing, label generation, and tracking updates, Shiptheory offers a true 21st century solution to logistics.

As Shiptheory’s Rita Jenkins told us:

“Merchants should take advantage of this situation to reflect on their relationship with consumers, explore innovative methods to enhance their value proposition, and embrace automation to streamline operations – don't be afraid of change.”

2. Guild – guild.co

Guild is an innovative new way to build and manage online communities. It provides a dedicated space for businesses and their networks to connect, communicate, and collaborate. With Guild, you can create an invite-only community where you can engage with partners, suppliers, and stakeholders. It’s already being used for a diverse range of groups, from unions to writers’ rooms. By establishing an epicentre for your community efforts away from major platforms, Guild.co allows you to foster meaningful relationships and drive collaboration within a space that can be tailored to suit the unique dynamics of your business.

3. Kimonix – kimonix.com

Described as “a holistic, AI-powered merchandising solution,” the Kimonix app builds on data-driven insights to enhance the conversion rates of your store collections. It provides valuable recommendations, and smart client-by-client optimisation schemes in order to maximise the impact of your online presence. Kimonix can help you to curate collections that are more likely to resonate with your target audience, and in doing so you can expect to see increased sales and customer satisfaction as a result.

4. Nibble – nibbletechnology.com

Nibble might be the world’s first ever haggle-bot. It’s an innovative idea – when you install Nibble’s chatbot into your website or online store, it allows visitors to make offers or negotiate special rates on products. This AI-driven system creates fun interactions, and is an effective way to nudge undecided users into making a purchase. Naturally, you can set your own parameters – specifying how low you’re prepared to go – and then Nibble will negotiate the best deal on your behalf. You could deploy this feature as an added members’ benefit, for example, and by gamifying the sales funnel it’s liable to lead to a healthy boost in conversions.

5. Conjura – conjura.com

Data is the new capital… But making sense of big data can be a monumental task. Enter Conjura – an app that gathers and sorts your actionable business data for you, before presenting it in an easy-to-use format on one centralised platform. Using Conjura you can quickly make sense of hugely complex data sets, in order to extract actionable insights. You might be surprised how much helpful data your company already holds, and Conjura will help you to squeeze that information out into a powerful business strategy.

6. Product Hunt – producthunt.com

Product Hunt is a platform that curates and showcases the latest and most innovative products and services from around the world… and we love it. You can use the app to find specific software solutions, bespoke tools, unique products, or even just as a newsfeed to help you stay abreast of emerging trends. You could also use Product Hunt to find new business partners in your industry or niche.

We can see this becoming an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs, businesses, and consumers alike, and Yes – you can find Alvio on Product Hunt too.

7. Huboo – huboo.com

Huboo is all about order fulfilment. The app can be integrated into any growing ecommerce business to provide intelligent support in inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping. It is built around an innovative hub model: “service-led hubs that enable eCommerce brands to boost efficiency and lower costs with scalable, precise order fulfilment.”

By outsourcing these operations to Huboo, businesses can benefit from efficient and scalable logistics, not to mention reduced operational overheads – leaving them free to focus on their products, their customers, and their future.

8. Sufio – sufio.com

Sufio is an invoicing and accounting app specifically built for ecommerce businesses. It automates the process of generating and sending professional invoices to customers, integrating seamlessly with popular ecommerce platforms. Sufio helps businesses to maintain accurate financial records, track payments, and to massively simplify accounting processes. With its intuitive interface and customisable invoice templates, Sufio helps businesses to present a professional image to their customers, while taking the hard work out of managing their books.

As it happens, we’re working on our own Sufio integration already – to make it easier than ever to invoice through your Alvio partnerships. Watch this space for updates!

9. Recharge – rechargepayments.com

This one is a gamechanger, for retailers offering consumable goods in particular. Recharge allows you to implement a subscription model into your online store – easily integrating with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify – and giving you excellent control in managing your subscription deals. With Recharge installed, businesses can offer flexible subscription packages, manage recurring payments, and tap into the highly-lucrative “recurring revenue” model: leading to improved customer retention and sowing the seeds for long-term retail relationships.

10. Alvio – alvio.network

Well, what did you expect?! Though we say so ourselves, we believe that what we’re building at Alvio has the power to revolutionise collaborative commerce. Our B2B partnership platform makes it easy to build brand collaborations by moving data, not products. Suppliers can expand their reach into whole new audiences when they partner up with retailers on the Alvio system… while retailers can fill their storefronts with all kinds of complimentary wares in order to boost their sales. Everybody wins, and when we work together like this we can really give the retail marketplace giants a run for their money.

Ten Apps That Are Revolutionising Ecommerce – by Alvio


So there you have it, our top 10 ecommerce apps for 2023. From streamlining your supply chain, to revolutionising your in-store user experience with AI chatbots – there’s an app for everything these days. And of course, what we’ve mentioned here is still only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more innovative software solutions to talk about, and we would love to hear from you too – what killer apps are you using to boost your business in 2023?


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