Blockchain Product Authentication

Blockchain product authentication offers something vital to both sellers and consumers. However, there are some companies offering blockchain product authentication but they rely on secondary technologies to link the customer with the product. This includes NFC chips or apps on mobile devices.

Alvio has developed an integration with a tech platform that 80% of the world’s population have access to. The integration will solve the major problem with Blockchain Product Authentication - consumer access to NFC technology.

The Problem

Unfortunately counterfeiting is a global problem, and even more unfortunate is the fact that as of 2019 only 20% of the global population had access to NFC technology. 

If one of the primary goals is to use blockchain technology to help prevent counterfeiting, in order for this technology to work, the majority of the potential users need to adopt it. Without a unified consumer response, it will not matter how safe or traceable the technology is - it will be redundant.

What’s the solution, you may ask? Blockchain Product Authentication At Point Of Sale (POS) and Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings.

Blockchain Product Authentication

Blockchain Authentication at POS & Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings

To avoid the problem of relying on consumer adoption of secondary technology, we have developed an integration with a technology that 80% of the world’s population have access to, and that’s email!

At the point of sale, through an integration with the Alvio platform, the previously certified product or products are identified on the Prove Anything blockchain and Digital Certificates of Authenticity are issued to the customer’s email address. This is in effect an NFT or Digital Twin of the product purchased, that resides on the blockchain as proof of authenticity and ownership - Blockchain Authentication at POS.

This can be achieved through either EPOS for physical retail or Ecommerce for online sales. 

The Advantages

  • No requirement for consumer adoption of additional apps or technology
  • Minimal cost as no physical assets have to be produced and applied to the product
  • Protects your official partners from product diversion and unauthorised markets
  • Connects brands directly to the final consumer
  • Drives out counterfeited products from the market 
  • Increases consumer confidence
  • Creation of traceable irrefutable provenance for high value or rare products 

An additional feature which has no equivalent, is the Blockchain Authenticated Product Listing functionality. These are simple to use blockchain proofs that are the eCommerce equivalent of physical holograms and swing tags. 

The role of Apps and NFC in Blockchain Product Authentication 

Technology such as NFC still has a role to play in Blockchain Product Authentication, so long as consumer adoption is not required. This technology is ideal for tracking products through the supply chain to the point of sale.  

Prove Anything and Alvio are actively looking to partner with leaders in the field of  Product Tracking & Identifiers  as this information is still relevant to the consumer: 

  • End-to-end traceability system
  • Attaching warranty information 
  • Adding proof of carbon footprint 

The Blockchain Authentication at POS & Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings methodology is only possible due to the partnership between Alvio & Prove Anything - visit The Alvio Platform to find out more.

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