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organisations with certified memorabilia, and those looking to support charities through auctions.

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Bid4Charities has one simple aim, to help charities and worthy causes raise funds. They achieve this by creating online auctions, raffles and competitions.

Bid4Charities are proud to be one of the UK's leading fundraisers for worthy causes, with a wealth of charity fundraising and management experience. They can support, advise and administer Live, silent, and online auctions, or another style of event. They can set up online auctions within 24 hours, from receiving a brief but understandably prefer a longer planning period.

With  Bid4Charities supporters do not need to download an App or any additional technology to access the bespoke auction. They provide a dedicated private link for each auction that can be shared with supporters, fans, database and on social outreach - for bidding 24 hours a day 7 days a week, while each auction is live.


Bid4Charities have access to thousands of genuine hand signed memorabilia items. From Signed Photographs to Film Scripts, Posters, Albums, Microphones, Boxing Gloves, Football Shirts, Football Boots, and so much more. Their huge range of signed memorabilia all come bespoke framed.

Bid4Charities is partnering with Prove Anything through Alvio to utilise their Certificates of Authenticity using blockchain technologies to create a digital twin that functions as proof of ownership for products and memorabilia. 

Bid4Charities certified sports memorabilia


Bid4Charities online auction technology is not only a fantastic way to start an auction before the event, it is perfect for smaller charity events.

  • Pre event consultation
  • Customised online auction event page
  • Customised auction start date and time and closing date and time
  • Online fundraising manager
  • Auction notifications for bids & outbids
  • Choose from a wide selection of memorabilia and bespoke experiences
  • No need to download an App
  • Bespoke QR code design for the charity
  • QR code can be circulated remotely to all supporters to increase the number of supporters getting involved, increasing the potential money being raised
  • Supporters can browse your full collection of items available
  • Bidding will be available 24/7 while the auction is live
  • Integrated payment technology
  • Post event data sheet and consultation

Bid4Charities have raised millions for worthy causes. With over 60 years experience, their team can take on the daunting task of arranging auctions and charity events. They are looking to partner with organisations with certified memorabilia. 



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