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Prove Anything - connecting people and brands through the products they own using Web3 technologies.

Prove Anything's toolset creates proof, certification and provenance all with consumer privacy, security and data ownership at its core.


Prove Anything has developed a suite of tools for brands and companies who supply and sell physical products through retail channels. Their Product Portals are redefining the way information, communication, marketing and commerce channels are shared across whole industries and market sectors.

Alvio has partnered with Prove Anything to deliver immutable proof of authenticity and ownership, using powerful blockchain solutions, the ultimate innovation in product life cycle tracking.

Prove Anything uses web3 and blockchain technology in order to issue COA (Certificates of Authenticity) attached to any product or transaction. In terms of physical commerce, it means any individual product can be transparently tracked throughout its lifetime – from the manufacturer, to point of sale, and beyond.

But more than that, this powerful blockchain authentication is like giving your products their own digital passport.

An example of Prove Anything's certificate of authenticity
Prove Anything’s Product Portals enable customers to be assured they bought an authentic product. Through the product portal, customers are able to easily access all relevant information about their product from user guides, warranties, proof of purchase and provenance while giving them access to maintenance services, replacement parts, add-ons and the ability to transfer ownership.

DJ Micky Finn using Prove Anything through Alvio to certify his tracks for customers



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