Cheerful Buddha’s products aim to make people feel good and improve overall wellbeing - which ultimately makes us all feel happier. ‘Cheerful Buddha' also contains the letters ‘CBD' (“Cannabidiol”).

The company aims to bring best in class to the CBD oil market in the UK & Europe and to be one of the first companies to provide high quality CBD beverages and edibles that can be consumed as part of a hassle-free daily health and wellness routine. It is also striving to be unique, bringing only new and exciting healthy products to its followers.

Our current ‘Love & Wellness’ offering includes: a delicious aromatic ground and whole bean CBD-infused Colombian blend; and a ‘Swiss Water’ single origin Guatemalan decaffeinated version; a ‘bean to bar’ luxury handcrafted CBD-infused dark chocolate; naturally flavoured CBD drops; and now a new range of healthy Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushroom coffees.

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