Mission Statement

To help people create optimum health, sourcing and supplying innovative, natural, and ethical CBD products, with supplements, natural remedies and lifestyle options, that make you feel like a better you.

The Why?

Everyone at Hemprove has their own personal health journey & story when it comes to CBD. Hemprove was borne from initial scepticism, that quickly turned into a burning passion for everything & anything CBD related. This burning passion includes wanting to bring all of the amazing, natural benefits of CBD to as many people as physically possible.

The How?

Hemprove has handpicked only specific brands we personally know, love and trust. We make sure to check lab reports so you don’t have to. We also try their products before ever recommending anything! Working very closely with brand owners to make sure products are safe, effective and great value.

Your health and wellbeing are first priority.

We’ve been there too, aches and pains, stress, anxiety, injury and recovery, like everyone else, we get the same issues, “CBD is not about how you feel, it’s about what you don’t feel”. But it’s not all about sorting ailments out, it is about sports performance and recovery, beauty and pampering too, or everyday wellness.strong>How do we choose our products and partners to work with?Firstly we check that any manufacturer is following the strict health and safety guidelines as set out by the UK Government and the Novel Foods Licensing requirements. We look for good quality products, with the right supply chain, from farm to bottle, and then we personally try a lot of the products ourselves, or give them to friends or family (pets included) seeing their effectiveness and taking the feedback, good, bad, or indifferent and adjusting our offering accordingly.

We don't want to blitz the site with thousands of products, for the sake of selling anything or everything, there are many marketplaces out there, we like to be different, keep it to a good trusted selection of CBD products, that we have faith in and like.

Become the best You.

If we can improve your health and wellbeing, the health of your family, friends, pets, or give you any greater quality of life then in our opinion we have done our job. We always recommend a healthy lifestyle, good food, exercise, relaxation, all of these can help, along with the health products Hemprove offers. It could Boost your Energy, Calm the Mind, Improve Sleep, Reduce Pain, Enhance Recovery, it may be subtle and over time, it may be life changing and quick, we all have different journey’s, but what we do all have in common is that we all want to be better.

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