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Dashel - stylish, UK, sustainably made helmets

Dashel’s founder, Catherine Bedford, wanted to find a bike helmet that would work for people like herself, who cycle and scoot about in everyday clothes. So with a career in design consultancy for brands including Nike, LVMH and Virgin she developed a helmet that would be a safer version of the cap she used to wear: lightweight, with a peak to keep the sun and rain at bay.

Barber Osgerby’s industrial design team finessed the design to make it a modern classic and after years of proto-typing and safety testing, Dashel Helmets launched in 2017. Since launch Dashel has been featured in publications worldwide including: Vogue, GQ and the Wall Street Journal. The Design Museum London featured Dashel’s Helmet in its Cycle Revolution exhibition, as an accessory of the future.

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Dashel’s helmets are all manufactured in the UK, at factories that use green and renewable energy and share Dashel’s passion for sustainable manufacturing and waste reduction. Dashel is committed to the circular economy. Dashel Cycle Helmets have been designed to be recycled with Dashel enabling the process in the UK. Its Carbon Fibre Edition is combined with a liner that lasts for decades.

Dashel on Alvio, the ecom partner platformDASHEL BRAND HERITAGE 

Although you can dash about in their light, vented helmets, that’s not why it’s called Dashel (pronounced dash-le), Dashel means thistle in Cornish. The first factory they worked with is in Cornwall and their Carbon Fibre Edition is still made there. The thistle is a native flower to Cornwall and as it is colourful and protective, they decided to take it as their brand name. Their core range of Dashel helmets are manufactured in Devon where their factory runs on 100% green energy.

Dashel's brand heritage is in Cornwall



You don't need to wear 1/2 kilo on your head! Dashel helmets start at 310 grams to ensure no strain on your posture. 


Dashel tested their helmets in all conditions and are certified CE EN1078. 


Dashel is committed to sustainable manufacturing and ethical business practices. 


Dashel offers bespoke custom helmets in any colour and size, using Arlon decals. They've partnered with luxury hotels across England, become corporate swag and are proud to hold the Team GB licence to help raise funds for the UK's olympic team.  The Dashel team would love to discuss your bespoke helmet requirements with you. 
Dashel create bespoke helmets and hold a licence with team GB

Dashel are looking to partner with businesses in the cycling and scooting industry who are looking to add stylish, UK and sustainably made helmets to their range.

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