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Flick - World’s #1 football skills training range

Launched in 2011, Flick has become the pioneer of the home football training market and the World’s #1 football skills training range. Born out of science and validation, but always with fun in mind, Flick is now sold in over 70 countries to hundreds of thousands of customers. They work with some of the World’s largest retailers and the World’s elite clubs in their academies.

Flick's trainer on Alvio, the ecom partner platformDEDICATED TO … SERIOUS PLAY 

Flicks Urban range is a collection of the most unique training products. They are all specially designed for use in the garden or on the training pitch and have scientific validation running through their DNA. 

All Urban products allow users to improve their skills whilst having the most fun possible. The Urban range can be found in football academies of all levels and in tens of thousands of back gardens across the globe. 

Flicks training kit in action with a football player kicking a ball

All Urban products are designed to be easily transported, stored & assembled, making them ideal for training in the back garden.

Football Clubs and Academies of all standards trust the Urban range when it comes to developing the next generation of footballers.


The world’s only football equipment scientifically validated to make you a better player no matter what age or ability.  The following skills were assessed with the improvements from each group measured over a 9 week period: 

    • +73% increased control
    • +29% improved passing 
    • +45% improved touch 


The PRO range is designed for professionals, elite footballers or anyone that's looking for the highest quality training products. All PRO products use premium grade materials, have been developed with cutting-edge design features and meet or exceed professional football academy standards. These products are intended to give users the edge, when it matters the most.

Flick's PRO range in action with the Manchester City Team

PRO products are constructed from the premium materials such as laser cut steel, aluminium & use the highest grade mesh available. All products take the impacts and misses you make as you develop towards your full potential.

Adjust the rebounder to 7 angles in seconds using the drag & drop pin system. A World first ‘decline’ setting actually forces the ball into the ground, causing match-like bounces and improving speed of decision making.

The PRO range has been used in training sessions by current Premier League Champions Manchester City.


Flick is founded in the belief that bringing the best football training products to ambitious players around the World makes a real difference. They are a team and a community bound by one thing – a love of football.

Flick is united by their core principles and dedicated to improving performance. They are more than training products. Everything they do is created to add value. Positive experiences are our passion.

Flick embodies a sense of community and a love of football

Flick products bring joy, relieve stress, improve performance & provide escapism. They’re unique in our World because they’re the perfect blend of serious performance enhancement and playful fun.

Want to improve performance and enhance fun at your club? Flick are looking to partner with football clubs, academies and sports retailers.



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