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Munãgiso - comfortable, discrete period pants

Munãgiso have created period pants for teens and tweens. Their leak free, secure design has been created to be comfortable and discrete. The Munãgiso brand aims to provide a healthy, safe and secure option for girls during their periods.

Munagiso helps teens have a comfortable, dry and leak-free period each and every time, while at school, at sleepovers or playing sports, allowing them to have period confidence.

They believe every girl can rock her period with confidence; where there’s no stress and definitely no leaks. Munãgiso is leading the charge. They are not just a product; they are creating a movement, a force of nature that’s here to uplift and empower girls and women. Yves Boothe founder of Munãgiso perfectly describes their products

“I like to think of our pants as a superhero cape for girls during that time of the month, offering protection, privacy and control. No more leaks…and no more embarrassment. Just confidence and empowerment every day of the month.”


Munãgiso pants are fast absorbing and super comfortable leak free pants. Wear with or without sanitary products. Without – you will be protected for up to 12 hours of leak free protection. Their leak-free underwear has been designed to look and feel like regular underwear (but, so much better), absorbs up to 30ml of liquid. Whether you’re looking for protection from periods, incontinence, or any other leaks, Munãgiso pants have got you covered.

Each pair of pants is made with organic cotton based material. Chosen for breathability, functionality and feel. Because all-day and all-night comfort is key! Their pants give round the clock leak free protection using 3-D technology that allows all the blood to be wicked away keeping you dry throughout.

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The Munãgiso Zippeé pants collection offers you an ingenious new design, a clever feature that allows you to carry an extra tampon or towel discreetly. The Zippeé collection feature an invisible zip-fastened pocket in the back. For going to school, days out, or keeping hands free at that party.

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One pair of Munãgiso period pants replaces up to 200 tampons, providing a more sustainable solution to manage periods, sweat and more. Their pants are crafted chemical-free, so you can feel secure knowing you’re doing right by both your body and the environment. Their vision is simple: to provide girls with a healthy, safe and secure option during their periods. Munãgiso want to wave goodbye to those uncomfortable, unreliable products and say hello to the world of Munãgiso 


At Munāgiso everything they do is with their customers and the community. A portion of their proceeds from each sale goes to schools around the world, ensuring that periods are not a barrier for girls to miss education.

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Munãgiso are looking to partner with retailers who share their passion for girls fulfilling their potential, especially in sport. An ideal partner will stock natural, clean products aimed at women and girls. These can be in the apparel, sports and health and beauty markets.

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