Saint Piran Service Course partner with industry leading protective cycling brand AramUrto to give their cycling audience peace of mind when they're out on a ride. 


Supplier: ArmaUrto

ArmaUrto create industry leading protective cycling apparel. Their products are developed to protect from impact and abrasion, empowering cyclists to do the thing they love. Their innovative cycling apparel provides unparalleled impact for all types of cyclists. From baselayers to jackets, each product has been designed to ensure cyclists feel safe, comfortable and protected when out on a ride. 


Retailer: Saint Piran Service Course

Saint Piran Service Course is run by the team behind Pro Cycling Team, Saint Piran. They provide pro level service and components that are rated and approved by the team in the real world. From jerseys and vintage memorabilia to collectibles, gear up for your next ride with their exclusive collections.

Saint Piran Service Couse on Alvio

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