Asilia Salt take their relationship with Chefs for Foodies to the next level by transferring to an Alvio partnership to become more efficient with shared real time stock levels. 

Asilia Salt partner with Chefs for Foodies through Alvio

Supplier: Asilia Salt 

Sustainable Sea Salt made from four simple ingredients; sea sun, wind and a beautiful community. Asilia Salt are famous for their flavoured salts that will bring your cooking and dishes alive. The Asilia range includes Pili Pili (chilli) Sea Salt, Applewood Smoked Salt, Hibiscus Sea Salt, Turmeric Ginger Sea Salt and of course Pure Ocean Sea Salt.  

Asilia Salt on Alvio, the ecom partner platform

Retailer: Chefs for Foodies 

Chefs for Foodies celebrates culinary excellence, connecting chefs and foodies, and caring for our planet, one delicious recipe at a time. The Chefs for Foodies pantry is a curated collection features artisan food brands designed to complement their recipe boxes and elevate your culinary adventures to new heights.


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