Rat Race secure partnership with Chia Charge to bring the power of chia seeds in protein bars to their adventure seeking audience. 

 Chia Charge partner with Rat Race through Alvio

Supplier: Chia Charge

Chia Charge is a brand that focuses on utilising chia seeds to create energy and protein bars. Their bars are designed to provide individuals with the necessary fuel for their regular exercise, training, and events. They prioritise taste above all else and ensure that our products are delicious before launching them

Chia Charge partner with Rat Race on Alvio

Retailer: Rat Race 

Rat Race is the largest provider of adventure challenges in Britain. Now they're throwing everything they have learnt from their participation in and operation of these countless events into bringing you the kit you need to complete your own adventures. 

Rat Race partner with Chia Charge on Alvio, the ecom partner platform

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