Boom Kitchen creates the perfect pairing by adding KBE beers to their make at home curry kits 

Kingfisher Beer partner with Boom Kitchen through Alvio

Supplier: KBE Drinks 

KBE Drinks are proud to deliver some of the world’s most exciting Beer, Cider and Spirit brands into the hands and mouths of UK consumers. As a Sales, Marketing and Distribution business founded nearly thirty years ago, KBE has curated an intriguing and differentiated portfolio of brands from all over the globe including Kingfisher from India, Sagres from Portugal, Dos Equis from Mexico and Kome from Japan.

Retailer: Boom Kitchen 

Turn up the heat in the kitchen without forking out for endless ingredients – these kits will give you the perfect measurements for making curry house-worthy dishes from home. All our kits our gluten free and vegan friendly with substitutions to the add at home ingredients.

Boom Kitchen partner with KBE drinks through Alvio

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