Med Cuisine brings vibrant flavours of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines to the Chefs for Foodies pantry

 Med Cuisine partner with Chefs for Foodies through Alvio

Supplier: Med Cuisine 

Med Cuisine is the fastest-growing food brand in the UK and EU, trusted by the finest bakeries and cafes and by leading chef restaurants and 5-star hotels across the UK and EU.

Med Cuisine's range on Alvio


Retailer: Chefs for Foodies 

Chefs for Foodies celebrates culinary excellence, connecting chefs and foodies, and caring for our planet, one delicious recipe at a time. The Chefs for Foodies pantry is a curated collection features artisan food brands designed to complement their recipe boxes and elevate your culinary adventures to new heights.

chefs for foodies created a pantry of artisan products using Alvio

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