Foudys continue to champion women in sport by adding female empowering brand Munãgiso's period pants to their store. 


Munãgiso period pants available on the Foudys wesbite

Supplier: Munãgiso

Munãgiso have created period pants for teens and tweens. Their leak free, secure design has been created to be comfortable and discrete. The Munãgiso brand aims to provide a healthy, safe and secure option for girls during their periods. They are not just a product; they are creating a movement, a force of nature that’s here to uplift and empower girls and women. 

Munãgiso + Foudys partner through Alvio. female professional footballer wears Munãgiso period pants in black


Retailer: Foudys 

Foudys are pioneers in women's football. They are leaders in women's football retail and they’re working hard to become champions of women's football equality and the growth of the game. They are the first, and only, official merchandise retailer dedicated to the players and fans of women's football. Foudys produce amateur kits from scratch. They offer training and equipment, and supply replica kit and gear.

Munãgiso and Foudys partner on Alvio


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