Pacenti, makers of some of the best wheels in the cycling business, have now officially formed an Alvio partnership with the Cornish cycling superstars – Saint Piran

Supplier: Pacenti

As disciples of wheel technology, Pacenti remove the complexities of wheel building. By keeping things simple, all cyclists can improve their cycling experience, regardless of knowledge. This is why you won’t catch Pacenti talking about carbon lay-ups, aerodynamics or rolling resistance unless asked. It’s simply not in their DNA, but that doesn’t stop them delivering their precision handbuilt wheels and a unique service.

Retailer: Saint Piran Service Course

Saint Piran Service Course is run by the team behind Pro Cycling Team, Saint Piran. They provide pro level service and components that are rated and approved by the team in the real world. From jerseys and vintage memorabilia to collectibles, gear up for your next ride with their exclusive collections.

Saint Piran Service Course Road Bikes on Alvio

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