Chefs for Foodies introduce Womersley Foods award winning vinegars and jams to delight the taste buds of their foodie audience.  


Supplier: Womersley Foods 

Everything at Womersley Foods is centred around their core principle of “enhancing your taste experience” to delight your taste buds. Their unique recipes infuse only the finest botanical ingredients to create eclectic medleys of flavours in every splash or spread to exchange the taste of any meal or drink. Their multi-award winning vinegars and jams all contain generous quantities of the rich fruits which give them a luxurious finish.

Retailer: Chefs for Foodies 

Chefs for Foodies celebrates culinary excellence, connecting chefs and foodies, and caring for our planet, one delicious recipe at a time. The Chefs for Foodies pantry is a curated collection features artisan food brands designed to complement their recipe boxes and elevate your culinary adventures to new heights

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