The very short and quick answer is Yes. 

We are also compliant and trusted by Shopify App policies to work with 4.2 million businesses and their customer data on the platform globally 

Our Platform & Data We Store 

As a platform we do not store in our system any consumer data. The only data we store is between product and order objects which are essentially a bunch of IDs and numbers & limited product information that make the platforms UI useful when managing products. 

When an order is created in a retailers store we work in real time to copy only the required data from that order to the suppliers store.


Consumer Information Copied & Therefore Shared For Orders

When we copy the order data to the supplier we only copy across the required information they need to fulfil the order in terms of consumer information this is limited to 

  • Customers Name 
  • Address 
  • Mobile Number ( If Supplied )

NB: We don't share consumer emails or even create a customer object in the suppliers store, the information only exists on the order it is relevant to.

We also strip any other product information that is not relevant to the supplier

Customer Order Updates & Notifications 

As a feature of working with suppliers on Alvio we update the order statuses between supplier and retailers orders so that all of the consumers updates about there orders comes direct from the Retailers store who have the relationship with the consumer.


For further detailed information can be found in out Privacy policy here  

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