Processing orders that have products supplied by Alvio suppliers is all automated, however, its worth while reviewing the Jonas configuration and how your operations team should treat these orders. 

Required Jonas Configuration 

It is recommended if you dont already have your orders configured to be released automatically that this is configured. This allows the platform to mark the orders or line items in orders that Alvio suppliers are supplying as fulfilled and add any relevant tracking numbers to the order.

If you dont have automatic release configured we will try to fulfil these orders and line items once a day for five days but cant guarantee this will happen successfully if the order remains unreleased for an extended period of time.


Order Processing For Operations Teams  

For orders that only contain products form 3rd party suppliers through Alvio the order should be released and nothing more. The Alvio platform will automatically fulfil these orders when the supplier fulfils the products.

If an orders has a mix of products that are from Alvio and from your own warehouse, the order should be released and the other line items processed and marked as fulfilled allowing Alvio to mark the other line items from Alvio suppliers as fulfilled automatically.

Should you have nay questions about the settings and processing of orders in your Jonas system please get in touch with Jonas support 




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