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Using transactional live shows and videos, Lollishop helps brands to maximise social commerce opportunities.


Lollishop is a marketplace and community for brands to sell their products and maximise social commerce revenue through live shows and videos you can shop from.

They are an official partner of TikTok and are on a mission to simplify marketing, reduce costs, and empower founders and creators to present amazing products to audiences.

They make it easy for brands to get started, and experience the true power of live selling, where businesses have seen results such as: 

    • 438% increase in net revenue
    • 369% increase in order volume

    Lollishop How it works on Alvio the ecom partner platformHow it works: 

      • Sync your products 
      • Schedule your show 
      • Go Live 

    With no expensive agency fees to pay, and a free supportive community, Lollishop are here to help brands grow.

    Lollishop additional benefits on Alvio, the ecom partner platform



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