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Escape the discounting downward spiral and give your customers personalised 1-1 deals that delight them, while protecting your margins


Nibble is an AI negotiation chatbot for ecommerce that improves margins by using less discount to win deals, often even winning more conversions than the retailer previously could. 

Nibble's simple set up and processes on the Alvio Partner PlatformIts engaging, fun AI chat uses an entertaining experience, the brand's values and messaging, and negotiation science to find win-win price points. 

Nibble is used to offer a personalised price as an extra nudge to convince customers to buy - turning bounces into baskets - or as a reward for reaching minimum basket sizes. The customer receives the "special treat" discount they needed to commit to the purchase, while the retailer sacrifices less discount than they would have with voucher codes and site-wide sale promos.

Nibble's AI chatbot, partners on the Alvio platformNibble is live across 100s of online retailers globally, performing 10,000s of negotiations every month and agreeing win-win deals on $100,000s of ecommerce baskets.


  • 100s of sales and £10,000s of additional revenue in just the first 30 days for ValueLights – all secured by offering 30% less discount than normal
  • Iconic London increased AOV by more than 50% while reducing their discounts to an unprecedented <10% off marked price
  • Capsuline secured $10,000s of sales from customers who would have otherwise have been lost, reduced their discounting by 22.5% and increased average basket margins by $28 
  • Wype increased AOV by 67% with Nibble, reduced their discounting to <10% and grew contribution margins by 4.9%

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