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Serve personalised marketing to your customers when they open their order.

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When traditional channels fail and funds are in short supply, finding effective ways to engage new and existing customers can be a challenge for any ecommerce brand. This is where Penny Black comes in, making what convention says is impossible possible.

Their platform transforms print media included in your packages into a personalised, digital touchpoint that delights customers, inspires repeat purchases and drives a strong ROI. This is the newest and highest-performing marketing channel.

Penny Black Benefits 

Increase Engagement: Make customers stick around and connect with the brand by surprising and delighting them when you have their complete attention 

Increase engagement

Grown Revenue and LTV: Encourage repeat conversations the moment a customer opens their order

Grow Revenue and LTV

Long term brand loyalty: Leverage the moment they open their order to tell your brand story and create an emotional connection and build brand affinity. 

Complete operational efficiency: minimal disruption to your fulfilment processes 

Proven results: drive sustainable business growth from existing customers 

Proven Results

How Penny Black works

Integrate: Seamlessly aggregate all your customer data, from multiple sources, into our platform.

Create: Easily create endless segments and dynamic designs in the platform that are hyper-personalised to every customer. 

Match: When an order is placed, the platform matches the right campaign and populates dynamic fields with the correct personalised content for each customer.

Print: Personalised inserts are printed on-demand and added to the package the moment the order is fulfilled. 

Measure: QR codes and personalised discount codes make it easy to track the performance of your campaigns and feed data into the rest of your marketing. 


Penny Black's process - integrate, create match, print, measure

Penny Black’s personalised unboxing experience can be of huge benefit to Alvio partners. As suppliers are responsible for fulfilling orders made through retail partner stores, the supplier can enhance their brand’s experience and capture the customer’s attention the moment they open their order.


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