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Skai Lama offer a suite of 5 Shopify Apps, serving over 5,000+ eCommerce stores worldwide, enhancing merchants experiences globally.


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Let your customers build their own bundles with a customisable, branded, and step-based bundling experience. Increase sales and improve conversion with custom rules and volume discounts. Create subscription, discounted, fixed price, and gift box bundles.

  • Bundle Builder: Customizable layouts for unique bundle and box builds.
  • Gifting Bundles: Add a personal touch with greeting cards, gift boxes, and videos.
  • Customizable UI: Seamlessly integrates with your store for consistent branding.
  • Tag-Based Filtering: Enhances customer product discovery and selection for bundles.
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling: Boost sales with bundle and gift box creation.

 Giftkart logo


Boost AOV and retention with personalised, branded Gift Cards. Launch cash back and discounted Gift Card marketing campaigns, segment customers for rule-based win-back campaigns, and issue refunds as Store Credit with this all-in-one gift card suite.

  • Customer Acquisition: Offer a personalised & branded digital gift card experience.
  • Customer Retention: Engage high-value customers with automated gift card campaigns.
  • AOV Increase: Encourage larger orders with free gift cards for high-value purchases.
  • Capital Management: Opt for store credits instead of refunds for returns.
  • Design Flexibility: Supports multiple languages and provides best-in-class customer service.

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Gift Lab

Enhance your gifting suite with options like Gift Wrapping, Gift Messages, Video Messages, Greeting Cards, and Gift Box Upsells.

  • Order Value: Boost it with Gift Wrapping, Greeting Cards, and Gift Upsells.
  • Digital Gifting: Implement it seamlessly without altering your physical operations.
  • Personalization: Offer Notes, Greeting Cards, and Video Messages.
  • Delivery Scheduling: Let customers choose a delivery date.
  • Design and Support: Full design flexibility, multi-language options, and premium customer support.

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Checkout Wiz

Tailored for Plus stores - Customize checkout to provide a unique brand experience, including payment & shipping customizations, rule-based or AI upsells, custom content, and complete branding control.

  • Revenue Growth: Leverage Checkout Upsells to increase AOV.
  • Upsell Creation: Design multiple upsells based on various rules.
  • AI and Manual Recommendations: Utilize to enhance conversion rates.
  • Payment & Shipping Customization: Adjust visibility, order, and naming based on set rules.

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Elevate AOV and customer satisfaction by offering a gift with purchase. Harness the power of free gifts and volume discounts with Kite.

  • Free Gifts: Automatically add to the cart based on specific products, collections, or cart value.
  • Customization: Tailor app components on Product and Cart Pages.
  • Live Preview: Edit and view gift banners directly within the app.
  • Gift Offer Scheduling: Implement custom rules for free gift promotions.

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