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An all-in-one live shopping solution that enables seamless live selling on social media and your website.

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Sprii is a live shopping tech company that helps businesses sell products and build community by streaming live shopping events on social media and their websites.  Live shopping involves live video broadcasting on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or your website, that enable real-time product showcasing and audience interaction, allowing viewers to ask questions and buy products via the comment section.

Sprii's simple set up process

Sprii is on a mission to build cutting-edge live shopping technology that makes the online shopping experience more personal, authentic, and successful for everyone. They dream of a world where the lines between digital and physical blur and where the excitement of live shopping becomes an integral part of the day-to-day retail experience.

Sprii empowers you to host live shopping events on Facebook, Instagram, and your website all at once - a feature available only on the Sprii award-winning platform. Events hosted across multiple platforms boost your reach. Sprii have been recognized for their innovation with their: 'Best E-commerce Tool' and 'Best E-commerce Case' awards in 2023. 

Sprii seamlessly integrates with your E-commerce site, synchronising with your inventory and product catalogue automatically. This integration empowers you to effortlessly display specific products from your inventory during your live shopping events.

From customised product overlays to fully automated messages, Sprii have everything you need to boost engagement and interaction before, during, and after your show. Among the most impactful tools are the gamification features and live reminders.

Sprii's live shopping experience

Sprii comes with a personalised dashboard that gives you a quick and easy way to monitor and analyse all your live shopping data. With your dashboard, you’ll have comprehensive insights and control to improve your live shopping events.


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