Be sure to mark 15 June as an important date in your calendar – because that’s when we’ll be celebrating the nation’s favourite drink: beer.

Beer Day Britain is the UK’s very own day held in honour of the beverage. According to the official website, “it celebrates all beer including traditional ales, mainstream lagers, and limited edition craft beer and everything in between.

Why 15 June specifically? Well, as the organisers of Beer Day Britain point out, that’s the day the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 – and it’s one of the first legal charters to mention ale, as it declared:

“Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn…”

So on Thursday 15 June we’ll certainly be raising a glass… but we also want to take this opportunity to introduce our new partners at Beartown Brewery.

The Beartown Brewery Meeting Room.

Beartown Brewery

Based in Congleton, Cheshire, Beartown Brewery was founded in 1994 by Ian Burns – a home brewer who started out with a “garage pub,” before deciding to get serious and establish a full-scale brewery. Since then they have grown, built partnerships, and established a repertoire of much-loved craft beers.

According to Beartown, their ethos is all about: “A spirited belief in the power of persistence, creativity and that a pint tastes best when earned.”

Today, Beartown offers a varied range of beers, including their flagship Session IPA “Inception,” alongside a broad selection of other flavours, from their East Coast IPA “Massachusetts Ski Club,” to “I Think Bob’s Dead” – an Imperial Stout with notes of marshmallow and vanilla.

Big believers in the importance of community, Beartown Brewery pride themselves on being independent, and cross-generational. They’re a local brewery at heart, even as their beers begin to see demand and distribution further and further afield.

Then in April this year, Tony Greenwood joined Beartown as head of sales… and one of his first strategic moves would be to bring the brewery onto the Alvio platform. Tony explains that it’s all about increasing their reach:

“Alvio allows us to expand into other stores, without the hassle of arranging bulk product shipments. It was a no-brainer for me!”

Alvio + Beartown

As big fans of the amber nectar ourselves, we are simply thrilled to be welcoming Beartown Brewery into the Alvio family. 

As partners on the Alvio network, it means that any of our users will be able to stock Beartown’s products in their online store. It’s easy to get set up – no coding, no development, just plug Beartown’s beers into your own online store and start selling them right away. 

All sales are synced in real-time – which means the moment you sell a case of this fine beer, Beartown Brewery will get the notification to fulfil the order by shipping from their end. 

Beartown Brewery gets a sale, you earn through your store too, and the customer receives some delicious Beartown beer shipped directly from the source. Everybody wins.

There is a good range of products on offer too – Beartown Brewery offer 8 of their beers in cans (from stouts to session IPAs), and 13 others in bottles (including peach- and blueberry-infused ales as well as their Christmas bitter, “Claws”). Then there’s “The Cub,” a fruity gin distilled from finest hops infused with juniper, lemon, lime and vanilla.

Perhaps the most popular offering though, is Beartown Brewery’s assortment of mixed cases. Pick a mixed 12-bottle selection, or 24 cans, or get the bumper 32-item bundle containing both bottles and cans of some of the brewery’s most popular beverages.

Partner with Beartown for Father’s Day

Beartown beers make for excellent gifts – especially their assortment packs and gift cards – so why not get some into your online store in time for Father’s Day?

If you saw our recent post about Father’s Day, then you’ll already know what a big holiday this is for shoppers. Last year for example, in 2022, UK consumers spent almost £100 million on Father’s Day. It’s an excellent time to make sure your online store is populated with all the most appealing gift ideas… and what better gift for a dad than an assortment of lovingly-made craft beers from an up-and-coming indie brewery?

Father’s Day is coming up at the end of this week – on Sunday 18 June.

The Alvio system is so quick and easy to use, that if you talk to us today, we can have Beartown beers set up in your store right away… allowing you to get in on those festive Father’s Day sales.

But whatever the occasion, nothing beats a good, honest ale. As Beartown Brewery put it: “a pint tastes best when earned.” So we hope you’ll all join us in a toast this Thursday 15 June, on Beer Day Britain, to celebrate the hard work and dedication of independent brands – and to the big results we can achieve when we work together.

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