It’s that time of year again.

With summer finally upon us, we have been weeding the garden, decluttering the decking, and getting ready for some fun in the sun. We also have a fantastic summer of sports lined up, so today we wanted to talk not just about this season’s big fixtures, but also, how that all looks from an Alvio perspective.

We have some big sporting partners on the Alvio network, offering everything from merchandise to clothing and apparel, to sports-themed beverages… so as we review the schedule of sporting fixtures for summer 2023, we have some suggestions too for brands you might want to partner up with this season.

Alvio's Summer of Sports & retail collaborations – Abstract artwork of football players in motion.

Sporting Fixtures in Summer 2023

Golf – US Open – 15-18 June

Organised by the United States Golf Association (USGA), this annual championship attracts the best professional and amateur golfers from around the globe. The tournament has a rich history, with legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, and many others leaving their mark on the event – and this year we're looking forward to seeing it hosted at the Los Angeles Country Club.

Cricket – The Ashes – 16 June-31 July

Since it started all the way back in 1882, the Ashes has earned legendary status for delivering some of the best cricket action ever seen. The biennial contest between England and Australia is driven by passion and a long-standing rivalry, and we’re looking forward to watching some top-notch test cricket over the coming weeks.

Special Olympics – 16-25 June

Hosted in Berlin this year, the Special Olympics is a unique celebration of human achievement. It brings together some of the world’s most extraordinary athletes to compete in what can often seem like superhuman sporting challenges, and for spectators it offers a unique glimpse of what humans are capable of.

Cycling – Tour de France – 1-23 July

We always enjoy watching the Tour de France – this race is the ultimate test of both physical endurance and team tactics, spanning stages through multiple countries, from thrilling sprints to gruelling slogs over the mountains. Just finishing this contest is an achievement in itself. And as an added bonus we’re treated to those lovely vistas of the rolling French countryside and mountains! The result is both a gripping contest as well as being a true treat for the eyes.

Tennis – Wimbledon – 3-16 July

Wimbledon needs no introduction. Hosting some of the best tennis playing you’ll ever witness, it’s a legendary summer fixture – and 2023 is shaping up to be a good one, with the list of confirmed players including Djokovic, Medvedev, Alcaraz, Ruud, Tsitsipas, Kyrgios, Norrie and Murray.

Football – Women's World Cup – 10 July–20 August

After the Lionesses brought home gold for England in 2019, we will be watching this year’s competition with great interest! The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand, and when it starts in July, it’s set to be one of our sporting highlights of 2023.

– – –

So as you can see we have a diverse range of exciting athletic competitions ahead of us this season! From grace to endurance, from spectacle to intensity, we are anticipating some thrilling matches in the coming months.

But how about making some matches of your own? That’s what Alvio is all about, and we have some excellent partnership options for any retailers looking to fill their storefronts with some sports-related goodies.

Alvio's Summer of Sports & retail collaborations – Abstract artwork of tennis players.

Sporting Collaborations on Alvio

The Alvio network has grown and grown over the past few years. We now have around 150 companies using Alvio – including many exciting and diverse brands, whose products you can stock in your own storefront to maximise on your platform’s profit potential. So if you’re looking for some cool sports brands to work with during this exciting season ahead, then here are our top five recommendations. 

Sporting Wine Club

The Sporting Wine Club – one of our newest Alvio partners – is a truly unique proposition. They offer quality wines and spirits from around the world, but everything comes with their trademark sporting twist. For example, try their Three Thirty Three (333) Rosé, presented by cricketer Graham Gooch, and named after the legendary 333 he scored against the Indian team in 1990… Or a Louis57 Loch Lomond Whisky, named after Louis Oosthuizen's historic score of 57 on the Mossel Bay Golf Course. What better beverage to drink while watching the game?

The Sporting Wine Club are also dedicated humanitarians, and in the last three years alone they have raised more than half a million pounds for various charities.

Partner with Sporting Wine Club on Alvio

Barmy Army

Why not celebrate the Ashes by partnering with the team at Barmy Army? Founded back in the mid-90s, Barmy Army live and breathe cricket. They were originally established by a small group of fans, backpacking through Australia to watch the Ashes… and since then they have grown to be one of the best known supporters’ clubs in the game. Their store offers all kinds of cricket-themed apparel, and they’re always looking for more too! So you could partner with Barmy Army to resell their cricket-themed products on your own store, at a time when everybody is talking about the cricket. Alternatively, if you’re a supplier of sporting merchandise and apparel, a partnership with Barmy Army could ensure that your goods were getting seen in the right places.

Partner with Barmy Army on Alvio

The Vault

The Vault is like a one-stop shop for sports memorabilia. Framed shirts and boxing gloves, signed photos, historic goalie gloves… you could open your own sports bar and decorate the whole thing with this catalogue. They offer high quality sportswear as well as some truly unique and iconic items. You can stock The Vault’s products in your own store, but right now they’re particularly keen to grow their collection by finding new suppliers of sports merchandise, memorabilia and gifts – so a partnership with The Vault this summer could be a great way to get your own stock in front of their ever-growing audience.

Partner with The Vault on Alvio

N1Fan Store

The N1Fan Store offers everything that a sports fan could desire. They stock high-quality and all officially licensed products, from fridge magnets and keyrings, to shirts, lanyards, framed pictures… and catering to every sport from football to the NFL. This incredibly well-stocked supplier already has 140 items added to their Alvio page, which are ready for you to plug straight into your own storefront. Ideal for gifts, there’ll be something for everyone at the N1Fan Store.

Partner with N1Fan Store on Alvio

Saint Piran

Last but not least, cycling fans will find a lot to love on the Saint Piran store. Saint Piran is a top-level supplier offering all kinds of cycling apparel and components. From bikes to bike parts and accessories, to professional cycling gear and leisure wear. They’re good for gifts too, offering all kinds of bike-themed products such as rucksacks, water bottles, even coffee mugs. Currently they are looking to partner with brands and retailers connected to the cycling industry – and what better time to launch your new range of Saint Piran stock, than during the legendary Tour de France this July?

Partner with Saint Piran on Alvio

Alvio's Summer of Sports & retail collaborations – Abstract artwork of a cricket player.

How Alvio Partnerships Work

So there you have it! We have an exciting summer ahead of us, and with so much focus on sports during the coming months, it’s also a great time to be stocking sporting goods and memorabilia in your own store.

The Alvio system is simple. It allows brands and retailers to collaborate, sharing product listings between them to maximise profits for all. Retailers can easily add a brand or supplier’s items to their own online storefront – then all sales are synced in real-time, and the orders are fulfilled from the supplier’s end.

As a result, retailers get to fill their storefronts with attractive new wares, suppliers reach a wider audience, and at the same time we’re cutting down on the mileage that products need to travel. 

It couldn’t be easier to get started. You can get set up with your first partnership free of charge, and with no code to add to your site, you’ll be ready to sell some exciting new sporting goods in no time at all.

Just talk to us today to get started.


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