Moving bulky, high value products can create additional cost and risk in your supply chain.

Alvio allows you to offer your high value, bulky products to retailers in a dropship model. Allowing retailers to offer your products to their customers without the need for additional logistics or warehousing

Alvio makes it simple to set up and receive orders from your retailers so you can ship directly to the end consumer. Saving costs, reducing product movement & environmental impact. Creating more efficient, appealing product partnerships for your retailers and last mile supply chains. 

What Are The Advantages?

Retailers Don't Need Specialist Logistics 

Large bulky or High Value goods often require specialist insurance and logistics to deliver and many retailers either don't want the hassle setup these specialist services or to incur the associated cost and responsibility. 

Alvio allows you to ship direct to the retailers customer solving this conundrum 

No Large Financial Commitment Required For Stock

In the case of high value items to stock an entire range of products can be costly in terms of capital for the retailer tied up in stock. With Alvio the retailer only pays for the products they sell and reduced the risk.

Sell Through Retailers That You Couldn't Before

Overcoming the traditional barriers to smaller or niche retailers to stocking large or high value products allows you to increase your reach and sales and with Alvio there is very little effort required or change to your processes  

Reducing Potential For Freight Damage

As you can ship goods directly to the retailers customer the products moves a lot less and handling is reduced and therefore there is less potential for freight damage. 

In addition as your are shipping direct the goods will go via your own logistics or trusted logistics partner who is used to handling your goods further reducing risk of freight damage. 

You can even get retailers to try new product ranges in this way and then switch to a more traditional wholesale arrangement once the product is proven. 

Key Benefits

Remove Retailers objections to selling bulkly or high value products

* Retailers Don't Need Specialist Logistics

* No Large Financial Commitment Required For Stock

* Sell Through Retailers That You Couldn't Before

* Reducing Potential For Freight Damage

Alvio Saves costs, reducing product movement & environmental impact.