Convincing retailers to take on a new brand or increasing product lines can be hard work. Commonly the barriers centre around risk for the retailer 

Alvio can be an ideal solution to removing common barriers for retailers to trial new products 

Alvio allows you to offer retailers the opportunity to trial new product lines in a dropship model and switch to a more traditional wholesale model once the demand and product is proven.  


    What are the advantages?

    Essentially offering new products initially on a dropship model reduces risk for both you and your retailers greatly increasing the adoption of product lines

    Retailers Don't Have To Commit To MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantities)

    The is no financial commitment to minimum order quantities in a dropship model the retailer only pays for waht they sell.  

    Prove The Product Fits The Retailers Customer Profile At No Risk

    The retailer can sell the product on there site include it in promotions just as if they stocked the product themselves. In addition they can take on an entire range of products with no risk and find which ones sell bet with their consumers.    

    Retailer Has No Cost Associated With Logistics & Warehousing  

    The retailer doesn't have to take in stock and make space available in there warehouse or be charged by there 3PL for the additional space required

    No need to Offer Products On Consignment 

    Offering products on Consignment or sale or return to overcome objections with retailers increase costs of returns and risk for the suppling brand or wholesaler and additionally there is a lower motivation for the retailer to sell the stock.  

    Can be setup in minutes not hours

    All of the product and inventory information can be shared through the Alvio platform and ready for them to put on sale in minutes not hours see

    Configuring Connections With Retailers

    Importing Products From Suppliers

    Alvio automatically takes care of all the complex stuff like inventory and order syncing


    Key Benefits

    Allow retailers to trial products in their store before wholesale order commitment

    * Zero Inventory investment

    * No Logistics or Fulfilment Overheads

    * No Data Entry requirements

    Alvio Improves the ability of retailers to say yes to your brand and products