Convincing Retailers To Stock Your New Product Can Be Difficult & Costly

Launching a new brand or product is hard work and once you have created the identity, done your market research, produced your product, sorted out your logistics and got your website live

The next biggest hurdle is convincing retailers and partners to stock your product. 

Common Barriers with retailers adopting new products or brands are
  • Lack of proven sales history 
  • Financial commitment to purchasing stock 
  • Proving their is demand 
  • Cost and logistics of stocking new products

There are more but essentially they all centre around risk for the retailer. This leads to imbalance in the relationship that Alvio collaborative commerce can address.

Alvio Retail Partnerships Remove All Of These Barriers

Retail partnerships allow you to offer your products to retailers in a dropship model. Allowing retailers to offer your products to their customers virtually risk free

    Making it so much easier to get retailer adoption of your brand and products and creating an equitable partnerships with advantages for both partners.

    Alvio Takes Care Of All The Complex Stuff

    • Syncing Product Information 
    • Inventory Values 
    • Order information and fulfilment statuses 

    All in real time, simple to setup and manage and once your connected your products can be live in the retailers store in just a few minutes.

    You can even get retailers to try new product ranges in this way and then switch to a more traditional wholesale arrangement once the product is proven

    Reduces Risk Through

    * Zero Inventory investment

    * No Logistics or Fulfilment Overheads

    * No Data Entry requirements

    Also allow retailers to trial products in their store before wholesale order commitment

    Alvio Collaborative Commerce Improves the ability of retailers to say yes to your brand and products

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