You already added the product information to your wholesale store, so Alvio Data Partnerships allow you to make that information available to your retailers to directly import into their own store ( Shopify & Woo Commerce ) from or download a CSV tailored specifically to them from Alvio. 

No duplication of effort, No more CSV's, PDF's, Spreadsheets or multiple data sources for you or your clients

What Are The Advantages?

The simple act of making product information, directly available and easier to manage has many benefits for you and your customers

Retailers Get Products Live Faster

Even before the stock hits the retailers warehouse the product information can be ready and waiting in their store.
Products are on sale quicker giving more potential for sales

More Control & Less Effort

Specify per customer what information they have access to.
Allow them to self-serve and import the data when they need it.

Don't send a 2000 SKU data file when hey only need 120 SKU's

Reduced Errors & Increased Quality

Information errors are inherent with manual data entry and using multiple sources.
Data partnerships reduce this saving everyone time and effort

Supply Extended Product Information

Not just the fields in a standard product CSV. Share all the useful meta data as well.
Supports all new Store 2.0 Metadata types

Faster & Easier Product Updates & Launches

New products and there information can get to retailers quicker, whether it be updates or entirely new products
Simply select and share with the retailer

Key Benefits

Data Entry is Reduced for Everyone

* Retailers Get Products Live Quicker

* More Control of Data & Less Effort

* Reduced Errors & Increased Quality

* Faster Product Launches & Updates

* Easy Supply of Extended Product Information

Alvio Improves efficiency and increases revenues for you and your customers