At Alvio, we've been enabling Shopify merchants to streamline their B2B Relationships for the best part of 2 years. Up until now, however, we've been running in 'stealth mode'.

By that, we mean that it was easy enough to connect Alvio to Shopify via our previous methods. But now, after lots of hard work from the Alvio team, we're delighted to finally be listed on the Shopify App Store!

Why is this a big deal?

This means a lot to us at Alvio - it means that the great people at Shopify have recognised the value of our solution to Shopify merchants, and our presence on the app store is essentially a stamp of approval from Shopify. So obviously...we're very happy!

In this article we'll be outlining what Shopify merchants can achieve with Alvio, and what's so special about us compared to other B2B platforms.

What does Alvio do?

Alvio is a Digital B2B Platform that enables Partnerships, Commerce, Authentication & Networking between businesses.

The features of the platform enable private drop shipping networks, active product data distribution, Authenticated Product Listing & Product Authentication At Point Of Sale, POD retail networks and more.

Shopify App Store

Alvio Use Cases

Expand Your Market Reach Without Relying on Marketplaces

  • Lower CPA for your sales
  • Maintain or improve your margins
  • Increase your conversion / reduced competition
  • Mutually beneficial partnership
  • More resilient sales

Alvio lowers the risk and allows you to expand your business with less constraints. 

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Supply Retailers With Your Print On Demand ( POD ) Product Range

  • Massively increase your reach & sales
  • No changes to your processes
  • Supply brands & retailers that you couldn't before
  • Migrate your existing retailers to POD model
  • Create new & innovative POD business models

Export product data directly to your retailers stores and receive orders in real time for products to ship directly.

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Increase Product Ranges Risk Free

  • Increase Average Basket Value (ABV)
  • Zero risk for new product ranges
  • Expand with no additional warehousing & fulfilment overheads
  • Capitalise on seasonal & peak demand without risk of over or under stocking

Alvio allows you to increase your product ranges risk free.

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Simplify Product Data Distribution To Retailers

  • Retailers get products live quicker
  • More control of data with less effort
  • Reduced errors & increased quality
  • Faster product launches & updates
  • Easy supply of extended product information

Alvio Improves efficiency and increases revenues for you and your customers.

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Get involved!

We're delighted that we've been recognised for the value of our service to eCommerce, and specifically Shopify merchants, and that hopefully we can now enable more and more Shopify users to streamline their B2B Partnerships and to focus on what really matters.

If you like what you see, why not sign up to the platform absolutely FREE and talk to the team about how Alvio can benefit your business?

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