In a world grappling with a growing waste problem, the United Kingdom stands at a critical juncture. Recent data reveals that the UK generated over 222 million tonnes of waste in 2018 alone, underscoring the urgent need for effective waste management solutions.

In this article, we will explore the ways in which the Alvio model is able to tackle the waste problem… through an approach that we call our “Anti-Junk Promise.” We will also introduce you to some of our sustainability-focussed partners on the Alvio network, and the work that they’re doing to help combat wastage.

The waste problem

The Waste Problem

The world has a wastage problem, and the UK has a significant role to play in that. According to a recent report by the government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), in 2018 the UK produced more than 222 million tonnes of waste.

The government set a target for recycling 50% of all household waste by 2020. In 2019, the UK was recycling 45.5% of that waste… but instead of rising to meet its target, the number dipped in 2020 to 44% (no doubt also affected by the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions).

This number falls significantly behind the world’s leading recyclers, countries like Germany, Austria and South Korea, who manage to recycle in the region of 60-70% of their waste.

And where does all that non-recycled waste go?

Well, 22.8% of all our UK waste ends up in landfills. And we are particularly bad when it comes to recycling plastic packaging. According to Statista, we made a massive improvement from recycling 23.7% of plastics in 2008, to 44.9% in 2016. Since then though, the rate has plateaued. Even now, most of our plastic packaging is either littered, burned, or buried in landfill.

There are now approximately 500 landfill sites across the UK, places where literal mountains of solid waste are piled up in the ground. In 2020 alone we sent over 18 million tonnes of waste to landfills.

The more modern of these facilities carefully manage waste, sorting it into separate categories and layers, aiming to protect the environment from seeping contaminants. But not all landfill sites are that efficient – and this mounting waste has a tendency to emit harmful toxins as it festers, including greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, as well as toxic liquids which can find their way into the earth.

So in short, we need to do better.

Part of the vision for Alvio is a system that helps to reduce waste, and reduce mileage. In the short term, this will certainly benefit your business overheads – but looking longer term, we see this model as part of a necessary larger shift towards more sustainable and anti-waste modes of consumerism.

Allow us to explain

Alvio lets you do more with less.

How Alvio Lets You Do More With Less

You might remember an article we shared to celebrate Earth Day.

We talked about what we called Alvio’s Anti-Junk Promise – with a three-point plan for how Alvio’s ecom partnership platform was able to help tackle some of the issues contributing to waste. Let’s recap!

1. Reducing product mileage

On the Alvio model, you move data, not products. Retailers don’t need to buy-in stock from suppliers, shipping it halfway around the country to sit in warehouses one step closer to the consumer. Everything is digital – and when you make a sale with Alvio, your supplier ships the products from their end.

This significantly reduces the mileage that products need to travel, compared to a traditional supply chain model. 

Alvio users have reported seeing as much as a 16% reduction in product mileage.

2. Promoting quality products

Quality recognises quality, and the Alvio network brings together some of the best in commerce.

A core part of our anti-junk principle involves promoting the exchange of quality products only. We only work with suppliers that we consider to offer high-quality goods – because we believe that’s what our retail partners are looking for.

A lot of business partnerships are built out of convenience, or scarcity. But if a retailer has access to a whole directory of quality suppliers, it means they can be more selective in what they choose to stock. Customers in turn will recognise this, leading to more engaged and loyal consumer relationships.

Add to this our forward-thinking approach to product and supplier authentication features, and the result is a system that rewards quality and uniqueness over mass-produced goods.

3. Sustainable business partnerships

We give you the power to manage your network with ease. On Alvio you can build connections, establish partnerships, manage online sales and retail events – all quickly, easily, and with no need for code.

This intuitive, drag-and-drop solution to building business networks leads to more sustainable connections. Alvio can power diverse and democratic partnerships – and removes the traditional barriers and delays involved in forging B2B connections.

With Alvio as your matchmaker, you can enjoy a lighter, greener, faster, fairer way to do commerce in the modern world.

Sustainable Partnerships

Alvio has been described as “the dating app for brands.” Actually, we quite like that analogy – because connections and relationships really are the core of what we do.

We bring together companies who can help each other to be better. That means making more profit, but the whole nature of our platform means that these partnerships will inevitably also be more sustainable, and better for the planet.

Alvio would be nothing without its partners, and we are proud to be assembling a roster of forward-thinking and responsible brands. From fashion to health to tech, take a look at this selection of sustainability-focussed brands for example:

Coral Eyewear are now on the Alvio Network

Coral Eyewear

Luxury and sustainability – those are the core principles at Coral Eyewear. Designed in Britain, crafted in Italy, Coral Eyewear’s products are stylish, while also reflecting a deep commitment to planet-friendly solutions. Using cutting-edge technology they have been able to create fashionable eyewear using plastic waste salvaged from ocean refuse like old fishing nets and recycled acetate.

Coral Eyewear’s George Bailey told us:

“Our aim is to provide style without compromise. This means creating planet-positive eyewear for customers whilst staying committed to innovation, and constantly challenging the use of plastic in the optical industry.”

They have already started turning heads: scooping up coverage and awards from the likes of BBC News, GQ, Mens’ Health and Woman & Home.

Now on the Alvio platform, Coral Eyewear are looking to partner with like-minded fashion brands who are similarly using recycled plastics and other sustainable materials.

“Working with Alvio is a fantastic chance to build partnerships with like-minded retailers who champion sustainability and want to broaden their product offering without any increase in production costs. We are looking to expand into some new product categories in sports and activewear which represents an exciting opportunity to grow the business.” – George Bailey

Partner with Coral Eyewear on Alvio

Nature's Supplements is now on the Alvio Network

Nature’s Supplements

Nature already offers everything we need in order to live healthy, balanced and nutritionally-fulfilled lifestyles. We are just not always very good at using it.

Nature’s Supplements is a healthcare brand who use all-natural products to offer a diverse and sustainable range of supplements and solutions. Whether you’re looking to sleep better, lose weight, build muscle, or just to develop a more rounded and health-conscious diet and lifestyle, nature generally has the answer – and you can order it direct through Nature’s Supplements.

Nature’s Supplements have joined Alvio to find other brands to collaborate with – especially those offering products in the wellness, health food and CBD categories.

Partner with Nature’s Supplements on Alvio

Eskuta is now on the Alvio Network


The number of registered motor vehicles on UK roads has doubled since 1991. So it’s hardly surprising that we’ve also seen a sharp increase in congestion and air pollution. One obvious solution is to reduce our dependence on cars, and on petrol, by promoting the use of lighter, greener, electric vehicles.

Enter Eskuta. Based in Warwickshire, Eskuta design and manufacture lightweight electric vehicles for commuters, delivery drivers, or anyone else who wants to get from A to B without leaving a dent on the environment. Their scooters weigh less than 55kg, and can travel 50 miles on an 8-hour charge. With no tax, licence or insurance requirements, it’s no wonder they’ve already been picked up by brands such as Subway, Dominos Pizza and Just Eat.

Eskuta are using Alvio to look for partnerships with retailers.

Partner with Eskuta on Alvio

Partner with Chia Charge on Alvio

Chia Charge

Chia Charge has been producing sports nutrition products since 2012. Their protein products harness the power of chia seeds – designed to enhance your performance, as well as tasting delicious.

They also have a dedicated commitment to the environment, as Chia Charge’s Tim Taylor tells us:

“Chia Charge supplies great-tasting energy and protein bars to its hordes of Trail and Ultra runner fans. Just like its customers, Chia Charge has a passion for the great outdoors – and doing our best to minimise our impact on the environment.

“Through our longstanding membership of 1% For the Planet, we contribute to environmental charities. But that’s not all – we know we can do more in our business too. We prioritise eco-friendly packaging and delivery systems. Our partnership with Terracycle converts non-recyclable waste into raw materials for new products, diverting waste from landfills. We reuse our red boxes and repurpose old packing materials, minimising waste and reducing consumption. Our couriers’ delivery bags are made from 80% recycled material, and are 100% recyclable.”

Partner with Chia Charge on Alvio

Partner with Bare Kind on Alvio

Bare Kind

Bare Kind makes socks. Super comfy socks, produced from sustainable bamboo. They feature colourful animal themes, and – here’s the best bit – proceeds from the sale of any pair of socks goes towards protecting the animals depicted.

Lucy Jeffrey from Bare Kind told us:

“We sell bamboo socks where 10% of the profits are donated to save the animal on the socks, so we are baking our positive impact directly into our business model. Typically there is no market for second-hand socks, so instead we are looking at bringing the best possible, long-lasting socks to the market. There is no option where our socks go to landfill – we either sell out, or we donate to a homeless shelter.”

We love this concept, and we’re thrilled to have Bare Kind onboard.

Partner with Bare Kind on Alvio

Sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo socks from Bare Kind.

Reduce Your Waste with an Excess Stock Store

Before we sign off, we want to suggest one other way you can use the Alvio model to significantly reduce your waste.

What is your current policy on returns? Or damaged goods? This tends to be one of the high-waste points in any traditional commercial model, and you’d be shocked to know how many lightly-damaged or shop-worn items just end up unsold, and going to landfill.

Alvio enables an innovative solution for dealing with damaged, returned, out-of-season or excess stock.

It is so quick and easy to spin up an Alvio store, that you could put together your own “Warehouse Clearance” site to partner with your main storefront. That means you don’t need to plaster your main store with big red “discount” banners – which is not always a great look, particularly for high-end brands. But instead, you can direct customers to a whole separate discount site built on Shopify and powered through Alvio partnerships.

On this model, everything gets used. Nothing is wasted. Even your returned or lightly-damaged products can find a home, and instead of contributing to waste you’re turning a profit where there wasn’t one.


The Alvio B2B Platform is designed to help you do more with less.

We’re reducing product mileage, promoting quality products, and helping to foster sustainable and mutually-beneficial business partnerships. We make it easy for brands and suppliers to find new audiences, and new partners – while the Alvio model allows you to launch new product lines with minimal cost and minimal risk.

But the Alvio network is only as good as the partners who use it. So that’s why we’re thrilled to be able to offer partnership opportunities with sustainable brands like Coral Eyewear, Nature’s Supplements and Eskuta.

Are you a brand offering sustainable, eco-conscious goods? Or perhaps you’re a retailer, looking to fill your store with planet-friendly products. Either way, we want to hear from you!


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