Black Friday, the ecommerce event of the year, is only two weeks away.

On a traditional commerce model, two weeks is not nearly enough time to prepare for such an occasion. And it would certainly be too late to add new product lines to your warehouse and storefront… 

But here’s the beauty of what we’re building with Alvio: our approach of Moving Data, Not Products makes it almost instantaneous to partner up with other brands on our platform. After that, you can drop their products straight into your ecommerce store in just a matter of clicks – without so much as a line of code. 

No need to buy in stock, or fill your warehouse, either. When the time comes to fulfil orders, the supplier ships direct from their end leaving you free to focus on selling.

And you know what all this means?

You still have time to create new Black Friday offers with Alvio.

To make it even easier, we’re offering a special introduction to new signups before Black Friday / Cyber Monday. If you sign up to Alvio now, we’ll treat you to a complementary one-on-one session with our ecommerce experts, to get your perfect store up and running fast.

Looking for inspiration?

With more than 3,000 product lines on the Alvio database, we have plenty of great options that you could be plugging into your ecommerce store in time for Black Friday.

So today, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 picks for perfect Christmas gifts to add to your range, straight from the Alvio network.

Black Friday Gift Ideas from Alvio

Louis57 Loch Lomond Whisky By Sporting Wine Club on Alvio

1. Louis57 Loch Lomond Whisky

By Sporting Wine Club

The Sporting Wine Club offers a truly unique range of products – fine wines and spirits, all with authentic sports backstories. For a perfect seasonal gift, take a look at their Louis57 Loch Lomond Whisky. This bottle celebrates Louis Oosthuizen’s extraordinary score of 57, on the Mossel Bay Golf Course: the best score that course had ever seen. This first-rate whiskey has been aged for 12 years, matured in 3 types of American Oak casks. Its flavour profile layers rich notes of peach and pear with a smoky finish.

(We recently interviewed Simon Halliday of the Sporting Wine Club about their unique beverages, as well as their committed support for charity. Check out Brand Spotlight: Sporting Wine Club to find out more.)

Partner with Sporting Wine Club on Alvio

Louis57 Loch Lomond Whisky By Sporting Wine Club on Alvio

2. Hampton 44mm Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

By Tayroc

Available in black or blue, the Hampton watch by Tayroc is a sophisticated and stylish timepiece offered at a fraction of what you might pay to other luxury watch brands. British steel is combined with Italian dark leather. A three dial chronograph system is presented on a black face with sapphire coating, silver highlights, and a red feature hand. Christmas gifts don’t get classier than this.

Partner with Tayroc on Alvio

David Bowie Socks By Hey Rusty on Alvio

3. David Bowie Socks

By Hey Rusty

Hey Rusty makes all kinds of musical merchandise. If you’re looking for a band T-shirt, this is the place to be! But today we want to recommend their socks – and in particular we’ve got our eye on these fabulous unisex David Bowie socks. These fully-licensed, 86% cotton socks are guaranteed to bring a smile to any Ziggy Stardust fan. They come in a set of three different designs, and Hey Rusty dispatches all orders within 24 hours of purchase.

Partner with Hey Rusty on Alvio

Pick'n'Mix Beer Set By Wanderlust Drinks on Alvio

4. Pick'n'Mix Beer Set

By Wanderlust Drinks

We all know someone who’d love to unwrap a Pick’n’Mix Beer Set this Christmas! (In fact, we might even be that person.) Wanderlust Drinks is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform created by KBE Drinks – who started out exporting India’s number one beer, Kingfisher, but have since grown their range to include some of the best beers from around the world. Their Pick’n’Mix set is a great way to get to know the lineup. You can pick a selection of any 12 beverages, from a catalogue including Kingfisher, Japan’s Sapporo, Mexico’s Dos Equis, or Portugal’s Sagres.

Partner with Wanderlust / KBE Drinks on Alvio

Magnificent Seven Curry Selection By Boom Kitchen on Alvio

5. Magnificent Seven Curry Selection

By Boom Kitchen

This next brand has just used Alvio to partner up with KBE Drinks – and we think it’s a match made in heaven! Boom Kitchen delivers a full curry house experience to your home, with their fantastic home-cook curry kits. All recipes are gluten free and vegan friendly, they contain all spices and instructions, so you simply add your own fresh ingredients and you’re ready to go. We think their Magnificent Seven curry selection is the perfect place to start: including seven of their most popular dishes, such as “Karma Korma,” “Jalfrezi Heatwave,” and their “Mellow Moroccan Tagine.”

Partner with Boom Kitchen on Alvio

Ultimate Ritual Gift Set By Hawkins & Brimble on Alvio

6. Ultimate Ritual Gift Set

By Hawkins & Brimble

Hawkins & Brimble tailor their luxurious grooming products towards the discerning modern gent. Amongst their full top-to-toe male grooming range, this one stands out as the ideal stocking filler: their Ultimate Ritual gift set. Inside the tube, you’ll find a selection of products – including eye cream, face wash, clay effect hair spray, an energising daily moisturiser and a bar of luxury soap. Like all of Hawkins & Brimble’s products, they are made in the UK from the finest natural ingredients, guaranteeing freshness and a gentle touch. 

Partner with Hawkins & Brimble on Alvio

Marine Miracle Crème by Transformulas on Alvio

7. Marine Miracle Crème

By Transformulas

The Marine Miracle Crème by Transformulas was awarded “Best Noticeable Difference” at the Woman & Home Clever Skincare Awards 2022. People have called it revolutionary – this daily-use skincare product that helps you to keep your skin looking and feeling young. The Marine Miracle Crème achieves a deep hydrating effect without leaving any oiliness. Transformulas have harnessed the natural healing power of oceanic ingredients such as sea kelp, salt and algae, to create this award-winning anti-aging cream.

Partner with Transformulas on Alvio

'Bean-to-Bar' CBD-infused Chocolate by Cheerful Buddha on Alvio

8. 'Bean-to-Bar' CBD-infused Chocolate

By Cheerful Buddha

How about some CBD treats to go in the stocking this year? Cheerful Buddha crafts fantastic CBD products aimed towards health and sustainability. We absolutely love their 'Bean-to-Bar' CBD infused 70% Dark Chocolate – it’s free from milk, palm oil and artificial sweeteners, comes in eco-friendly plastic-free packaging, and it’s made from 100% natural, traceable and ethically sourced Colombian cacao. On top of that, each bar is carefully infused with 70mg of CBD derived from the hemp plant – a substance shown to have excellent effects when it comes to managing your body’s natural rhythms, getting better sleep, more focus, and alleviating stress and anxiety. Oh, and did we mention it’s also delicious chocolate?

Partner with Cheerful Buddha on Alvio

Finback Sunglasses by Coral Eyewear on Alvio

9. Finback Sunglasses

By Coral Eyewear

We are big fans of Coral Eyewear here. If you read our Brand Spotlight about them, you’ll learn how their stylish and comfortable eyewear products are made using salvaged plastic waste from materials like fishing nets. The Finback Sunglasses range is a great example of their aesthetic – a stylish, timeless look, offered in a range of head-turning colours, from classic black and brown to a hot fuschia. These unisex glasses are designed in the UK and made in Italy. And guess what… Coral Eyewear offers prescription spectacles too!

Partner with Coral Eyewear on Alvio

Centra FG Women's Soccer Cleat by IDA Sports on Alvio

10. Centra FG Women's Soccer Cleat

By IDA Sports

A perfect gift for the sporty woman in your life. IDA Sports crafts stylish, high-performance gear for female athletes, and the Centra FG women’s soccer cleat is a fine example of their work. It features a wide toe and narrow heel for a close, comfortable fit, with arch support, padded collar, and a custom stud configuration. Designed for grass and synthetic turf alike, this professional football shoe will help sportswomen – from beginner to pro – to take their game to the next level. For a full range of footwear, hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts and more, just take a browse through their online catalogue.

Partner with IDA Sports on Alvio

Supercharge Your Black Friday Sales

From healthcare to fashion accessories, from beer and curries to sporting goods, there’s bound to be a gift for everyone in the list above. (And yes, socks too. Because what would Christmas be without new socks?)

You still have time to add any or all of these great gift ideas to your ecommerce store for Black Friday 2023. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let us supercharge your BFCM sales.


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