For some folks, heading into nature means time out. Peace and relaxation. But for others it’s a challenge, the ultimate endurance course, from the mountains to the sea.

Here at Alvio, we are proud to have gathered together a network of some truly excellent outdoors and athletic brands – from cyclists to hikers to runners, survivalists and endurance racers. 

With summer still in full swing, this week we wanted to share some love for our partners in the great outdoors, including innovative brands for backpacks, apparel and energy products. So join us now, as we head out for a trek through some of the exciting outdoors brands you can partner with on the Alvio network.

Alvio and the Great Outdoors

Outdoors Brands on Alvio

Built for Athletes

The ultimate backpacks for active people – Built for Athletes’s products were built by athletes, too. Founded in 2018 by crossfit enthusiast Nick Costello, these backpacks were designed as a multipurpose solution for gym and fitness fans on the go. 

These bags were custom tailored for anyone who has ever struggled to fit their meal prep, training shoes, towel, water bottle, grips, speed rope and a change of clothes into one ordinary backpack – the kind of people who end up dragging multiple bags to the gym with them.

Not only do Built for Athletes produce some of the sturdiest and most adaptable backpacks around, but they also have a deep commitment to becoming the world’s greenest backpack supplier. They support a number of reforestation projects around the world, and for every product sold they plant one tree. Already, this has totalled more than 45,000 trees (a veritable forest of their own), as well as lending additional support to renewable energy causes such as solar and wind farms around the world.

From completely rethinking the traditional backpack design, to building a truly carbon neutral business – Built for Athletes is the very embodiment of the ethos, Be the change you want to see in the world.

Built for Athletes are now on Alvio, where they are looking to find like-minded partners within the fitness market.

Partner with Built for Athletes on Alvio

Partner with Built for Athletes on Alvio


Engines need fuel. For runners and cyclists though, and lots of other long-distance or endurance athletes, it can be hard to stay fully fuelled for the long haul. Some types of food can cause digestion problems while on the track or trail. Another alternative is to look to energy drinks and gels, but some athletes would rather avoid products packed with additives and preservatives.

The Luchos brand grew from a desire to do things differently. They were inspired by cyclists in Colombia, who for more than 50 years have been turning to a natural superfruit for their energy injections: guava.

A “bocadillo” is a traditional Latin American guava snack, a small gelatinous block made from guava pulp and absolutely packed full of minerals and nutrition. It’s the perfect fuel injection while out on the track or trail, and Colombian cyclists have even been using it to power through legendary events like the Tour de France.

Luchos have taken that idea, and run with it. They’ve managed to pack in even more nutrients, using all-natural ingredients such as acai, coffee and raspberry. The result is tasty, easy to digest, and comes wrapped in a 100% compostable bijao leaf. And now people around the world are starting to catch on – in 2020, Luchos blocks even powered an ascent of Mount Everest. 

Luchos are using Alvio as a way to connect with more retailers in the sports and outdoor industries. Their energy blocks are the perfect complement for retailers who stock sporting goods or track and trail supplies, as well as any brands interested in promoting eco-friendly outdoors products.

Partner with Luchos on Alvio

Partner with Luchos on Alvio


Munãgiso is another great idea born out of a passion for sports – and for making sure that everyone is comfortable to compete.

Munãgiso revolutionises teen and tween periods with their leak-free, comfy period pants. Designed for all-day wear, these pants provide up to 12 hours of protection, fostering confidence and convenience, and letting girls stay active during sports, school, sleepovers… whenever.

Crafted from organic cotton, the fabric is breathable and comfortable. Their Zippeé range even introduces an innovative pocket design, discreetly holding extra tampons or towels for on-the-go ease. These sustainable period pants replace up to 200 tampons each, to offer an active and eco-friendly alternative – and they’re 100% chemical-free, prioritising both well-being and the environment.

More than just products, Munãgiso represents a movement for empowerment, with a percentage of sales supporting global education initiatives to break down barriers related to periods. 

Now on Alvio, Munãgiso is looking for partnerships with retailers sharing their vision of promoting girls’ potential in sports and well-being, uniting fashion and function in their period-positive mission.

Partner with Munãgiso on Alvio

Partner with Munãgiso on Alvio


Squeeasy is a potential game-changer for many athletes – with their innovative “dual fuel” bottles.

Developed by competitive cyclists, Squeeasy know how hard it can be to get an energising gel down you when you need it most. Athletes often have their hands full, and those training or competing for prizes don’t have time for snack stops!

Enter the dual fuel bottle. These products have been carefully crafted for endurance athletes, and their innovative design incorporates a built-in gel delivery system. As a result, fully refuelling is suddenly no more difficult than taking a swig of water. These bottles have been road tested hard, by athletes in training, and in competitions too. For many, it has been revolutionary.

Through Alvio, Squeeasy are looking for partnerships with any and all brands with a passion for sports – and especially cycling! Their dual fuel bottles are sure to make the perfect add-on to any competitive athlete’s shopping cart.

Partner with Squeeasy on Alvio

Partner with Squeeasy on Alvio

Chia Charge

Meet Chia Charge: a sports nutrition pioneer since 2012, harnessing chia seed power for protein products that elevate performance. Their Yorkshire-baked flapjacks feature simple, wholesome ingredients, perfectly engineered to fuel your adventures.

Chia Charge’s focus on chia seeds has led them to create energy and protein bars designed for exercise, training, and outdoors events… and with a big emphasis on taste. Their approach revolves around familiar kitchen cupboard ingredients like brown sugar and golden syrup, as well as recognising the key role of carbs in endurance fuelling.

It was founder Tim Taylor’s quest for “real food” that drove their journey. For the past decade, they’ve maintained their commitment to crafting delicious, high-power flapjacks from honest ingredients. Sustainability is key: chia seeds offer plant-based protein, while a range of vegan choices in bars, flapjacks, and nut butters will align perfectly with eco-conscious lifestyles. Chia Charge are mindful of the environmental impact dairy products can have, so they typically seek eco-friendly alternatives like coconut oil and cashew butter (while avoiding the palm oil business entirely).

Chia Charge has already been a massive hit with customers right across the outdoors sector, from hikers to endurance athletes. Partner with them on Alvio, and they’re sure to make an appealing addition to any online store catering to fans of the great outdoors.

Partner with Chia Charge on Alvio

Partner with Chia Charge on Alvio

Rat Race

The first Rat Race event was held in 2004 – when 250 racers gathered in Edinburgh for an all-out endurance test that would involve running, biking, abseiling and kayaking all over the city. The event was televised, and Rat Race soon became a big name in outdoor adventure. They have arranged more than 500 events now, with almost a million competitors crossing their starting lines (though not quite so many reach the finish lines).

Over the years, Rat Race have learned that adventurers can only go so far as their kit can take them. So they began offering apparel, everything from tough-as-nails backpacks, to waterproof gear, to collapsible mugs, that would give their racers the competitive edge they needed.

These products are battle-tested and ready for the road… and you can access the catalogue through Alvio, where Rat Race are looking to partner with both brands and retailers in the sports, outdoor and travel industries.

Partner with Rat Race on Alvio

Partner with Rat Race on Alvio

Take on the World with Alvio

The Alvio network is growing all the time. As you can see, we already have a fantastic community of outdoors, athletic and endurance brands onboard – and when you get started with Alvio, you’ll be free to stock all these good products in your own online store too.

At the core of the Alvio system is our principle of moving data, not products… which means you don’t have to commit to buying in stock, you simply add items to your online storefront and let your partner brands ship from their end as normal. By reducing product mileage this way, we’re building a greener vision for ecommerce – and it’s proving to be a great fit, especially for brands offering sustainable, eco-friendly or outdoors-oriented products.

So if any of the brands above caught your eye, or simply to discuss what the Alvio model might look like for you and your business, why not drop us a line

We're in it for the long haul – and we'd love to be your trail partners.


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