Due to the limitations of the Jonas platform there are subtle but important differences in the approach to both your product configuration and order processing. 

NB: These conditions have to be met before sharing with your Jonas Retailer, however, can be edited after uploading to Alvio.  If these conditions are not met then the product will fail to import in the Jonas store

Product Setup 

Product options and variants

A product can have no options, however, if it does have options Jonas products can only ever have 2 options Size & Colour and they have to be in that order.


Option 1 = Size

Option 2 = Colour

If you product is a single colour with multiple sizes then, you need to submit both options but have the colour option as the same for each variations. 

NB: Jonas can not accept products with 3 options 


Every SKU for every variant needs to be unique and SKU is required field. 


Order Processing 

There are 2 limitation of the Jonas platform to be aware of the first is that you can not fulfil an order on the Jonas system if it has not been released, essentially this means the order is locked. 

Some Jonas clients will have orders automatically released immediately or after a period of time and others may do this manually.

In addition Jonas clients need to set there system to accept partial fulfilment if this is not set in there system even if an order is released the fulfilment from you will fail.   

To minimis this we have created specific Alvio functionality to cater for this scenario which is unique to Jonas partnerships.

All orders will initially will be tagged with 'Queued to fulfil on Jonas'

We will try and fulfil the order if for any reason this fails we will add an additional tag of Jonas Fulfillment Fail.

Failed fulfilment on Jonas tag on Shopify Order


We will then continue to Queue the order for fulfilment for the next 5 days if the fulfilment fails to work we will then remove the Tag 'Queued to fulfil on Jonas' leaving it with just the 'Jonas Fulfilment Fail' Tag 

Now, it's necessary to get in touch with the retailer and provide them with the fulfilment details for the order that encountered an issue so that they can manually update it.

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